Smartphone Development Articles

     Is Facebook Working on a Branded Smartphone?
     Apple iOS 6 Packed With Features
     Finally, Ubuntu OS for Smartphones?
     App Developers Offer Thoughts on Windows Phone Platform
     App Promo Survey Displays Developer Struggles
     Apptopia Market Helps Developers Recoup Investments
     Is Fragmentation a Plus for App Developers?
     Juniper Networks: Android App Malware Increasing
     Developer's Losing Interest in Android?
     Android Developers Pushed Towards Google Wallet Payment
     Google Increases Android App Size Limit
     ATandT To Charge App Developers, Android Lacks Programmers
     Android Slipping in App War versus Apple
     Apple and Google Battle to Clean Up App Markets
     iOS Development: Hello World! in Xcode Part 2
     Android, iOS End 2011 Strong, comScore Reports
     iOS Development: Hello World! in Xcode
     Mobile Apps Becoming the New King of Media
     Incentivized Apps Fail to Make a Lasting Impression
     Android Market Surpasses 10 Billion, Apple iOS Still Developer Choice
     Smartphone Ice Cream Sandwich, Android Enterprise 2012
     Adobe Promises New Version of Flash for Mobile
     Young Developers Make a Splash in App Market
     Loss of Adobe Mobile Flash Leaves a Void, or Does It?
     Adobe Ceases Future Development of Flash for Mobile Devices
     RIM, BlackBerry Face an Uphill Climb
     Android Version of NoScript for Firefox Now Available
     Nokia and Microsoft Attempt to Attract Symbian Developers
     iPhone 5 Release and Jaspersoft iPad Support
     Safari Books Online iPad App and Mobile Site
     Reasons to Keep Faith in Windows Phone 7
     Call for Mango Apps, Android Rising to the Top
     Undecided Buyers Play Key Role in Smartphone Fight
     Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Surpasses 30,000
     Ten Android Apps Dominate Smartphone Usage
     An Overview of BlackBerry 7 OS
     Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 Could Become the Smartphone King
     Android and iPhone Post Strong Second Quarter Numbers
     New App Store Rules Rile Users and Publishers
     Android Uncertain in Battle Versus iOS
     Google Simplifies Smartphone App Development
     iPhone 5 Rumors and Google's Swiffy Project
     Introducing MeeGo IVI: Ignition Switch
     Smartphone App Security Risks
     Test Your Smartphone Apps with Windows Phone Emulator
     How to Prepare Your Android App for Publication
     How to Submit Your App to BlackBerry App World
     Design and Market Windows Phone Applications
     Publish Your App to Windows Phone Marketplace
     Getting Started with Windows Phone Developer Tools
     Testing iPhone Apps with an Emulator
     Eclipse Setup for Android Development
     Working with BlackBerry Themes
     RIM Releases Analytics Service Beta
     How To Submit an App to the App Store
     Comparison of No-code iPhone Development Tools
     Google App Inventor: Non-Developers Can Easily Create Android Apps
     How to Install the Blackberry Simulator and Visual Studio Plug-In
     Developing the BlackBerry Browser
     Introducing the BlackBerry Push API
     Comparing RIM and JAVA ME APIs
     What You Need to Know to Get Started as a BlackBerry Developer
     Debugging Your BlackBerry Applications
     Data Types and Data Retrieval with BlackBerry
     Simulating a BlackBerry Device
     Programming Intuitively with the BlackBerry Browser
     Learning Java Application Development
     Advanced Java Programming for BlackBerry Smartphones
     The BlackBerry Java Development Environment Inside and Out
     Advanced BlackBerry Browser Development

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