Site Administration Articles

     Coding: Not Just for Developers
     To Support or Not Support IE?
     Administration: Networking OSX and Win 7
     DotNetNuke Gets Social
     Integrating MailChimp with Joomla: Creating Campaigns
     Integrating MailChimp with Joomla: List Management
     Integrating MailChimp with Joomla: Building a Subscriber List
     Integrating MailChimp with Joomla
     More Top WordPress Plugins for Social Media
     Optimizing Security: SSH Public Key Authentication
     Patches and Rejects in Software Configuration Management
     Configuring a CVS Server
     Managing Code and Teams for Cross-Platform Software Projects
     Back Up a Joomla Site with Akeeba Backup
     Install and Optimize PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu and Wine
     Top Wordpress Plugins for e-Commerce
     Top WordPress Plugins to Fight Spam
     Top Six Drupal Modules to Prevent Spam
     Install XAMPP on Windows
     WordPress Security Tips
     Manage Backups for WordPress Files and Databases
     How to Back Up WordPress Files and Databases
     Upload and Deploy Drupal from Ubuntu XAMPP to Hosting Server using SSH
     How to Use WinePrefix in Ubuntu to Optimize Gaming
     Cron Job Tutorial: Crontab Scheduling Syntax and Script Example
     Joomla Localhost to Server: Configuration
     Joomla Localhost to Server: Website Deployment
     Oracle Database XE: Utilities and Troubleshooting
     Drupal: Working with Themes, Templates, and Blogs
     Oracle Database XE: SQL and SQL Plus
     Oracle Database XE: Initializing and Connecting
     Oracle Database XE: Storage Structures
     Drupal: Configuring Your Installation
     Installing Drupal
     Joomla Website Layout: A Developer's Guide
     Joomla Layouts: Customizing Your Website
     Joomla Website Layout Customization
     Configure Wine Ubuntu For Running Windows Based Games
     Install Joomla on Ubuntu
     Open Standards - Open Source. The Business, Legal & Technical Challenges Ahead.
     Risky Business (part 2)
     Professional Apache
     Risky Business (part 1)
     Professional File Transfer with proFTPD
     Secure Tunnelling with SSH
     Understanding LDAP (part 2)
     Mail Management With Procmail
     Understanding LDAP (part 1)
     File Synchronization With Rsync
     Dancing The Samba (part 2)
     Dancing The Samba (part 1)
     Using Apache As A Proxy Server
     A Man And His Mutt
     Understanding P3P
     Webserver Security (Part II)
     Site Search with HTDIG
     Webserver Security (Part I)
     Vi 101
     Getting More Out Of Apache (Part 2)
     Vi 201
     Getting More Out Of Apache (Part 1)
     Script-Based Credit Card Interfaces
     Building Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Mac OS X
     Talk To Me!
     Database Essentials
     How To Build the Apache of Your Dreams
     High Performance Web Caching With Squid
     The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Virtual Hosts and Certificates
     So What's A $#!%% Regular Expression, Anyway?!
     One-Stop Linux Administration with Webmin

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