Practices Articles

     Calculating Development Project Costs
     Writing Quality Software: A Primer
     Writing A Functional Specification
     The Importance Of Interface Text (part 2)
     The Importance Of Interface Text (part 1)
     Writing A Software Technical Reference Manual (part 2)
     Writing a Software Technical Reference Manual (part 1)
     Introduction to Wireless
     Writing A User Manual (part 2)
     Writing A User Manual (part 1)
     The Art Of Software Development (part 5): Adding Value
     The Art Of Software Development (part 4): Delivering Quality
     The Art Of Software Development (part 3): Coding To A Plan
     The Art Of Software Development (part 2): Designing For Simplicity
     The Art Of Software Development (part 1): Understanding Need
     Getting Help the Free Software (and Open Source) Way
     Pinnie the Wooh and DSDM
     Sort This Sort That
     A User-Friend Interface: The DOs and DO NOTs of UI Design
     An Overview of Function Point Analysis
     Creating and Using Storyboards
     Database Independent Development in C
     Class Relationships
     Class and Object Diagrams
     Introducing UML: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
     Five-Step UML: OOAD for Short Attention Spans - Define, Refine, Assign
     Pragmatic Guidelines: Diagrams That Work
     Design with ArgoUML
     Developing an Object Oriented Credit Card Transaction Processor
     What`s the Address? Pointers
     Basic Data Types and Calculations
     Basic Ideas
     Smart Cards: An Introduction
     Vendor-Neutral Certifications
     Solving Problems with Recursion
     Basic Array Searching in C++
     Choosing the Right Team
     Five-Step UML: OOAD for Short Attention Spans - Design, Repeat
     The System in So Many Words
     Finding Things
     Finishing the System`s Outlines
     More Techniques for Finding Things