PHP Articles

     Hackers Compromise PHP Sites to Launch Attacks
     Red Hat, Zend Form OpenShift PaaS Alliance
     PHP IDE News
     BCD, Zend Extend PHP Partnership
     PHP FAQ Highlight
     PHP Creator Didn't Set Out to Create a Language
     PHP Trends Revealed in Zend Study
     PHP: Best Methods for Running Scheduled Jobs
     PHP Array Functions: array_change_key_case
     PHP array_combine Function
     PHP array_chunk Function
     PHP Closures as View Helpers: Lazy-Loading File Data
     Using PHP Closures as View Helpers
     PHP: Building Concrete Validators
     PHP: Effects of Wrapping Code in Class Constructs
     PHP File and Operating System Program Execution Functions
     Sanitizing Input with PHP
     Executing Shell Commands with PHP
     Handling File Data with PHP
     ArrayObject PHP Class Examples
     ArrayObject PHP Class: An Introduction
     File Security and Resources with PHP
     Getting File System Data with PHP
     PHP Tools for Working with the File and Operating System
     PHP Proxy Patterns: Completing a Blog
     PHP Proxy Patterns: Collections and Classes
     PHP Proxy Patterns
     PHP Service Layers: A Final Example
     PHP Service Layers: Dependency Injection
     PHP Service Layers: User Services
     PHP Service Layers: Handling Entity Collections
     PHP Service Layers: Database Adapters
     PHP Services Layers: Data Mappers
     PHP Service Layers: Modeling Domain Objects
     MongoDB: A Free Document-Oriented Database
     MongoDB: Inserting, Updating and Deleting Documents
     MongoDB: Working with Documents and Collections
     PHP: Applying the Law of Demeter
     PHP and the Law of Demeter
     PHP: Addings Images to Wordpress PDFs
     Simple and Secure PHP Login Script
     How to Benchmark PHP Scripts for Speed
     PHP Object Oriented Programming using LSP
     Optimize File Downloading in PHP
     PHP Liskov Substitution Principle
     How to Add Facebook Comment Boxes with PHP
     Implementing a Cache System in PHP
     Dynamic Registry in PHP
     PHP Array Function Tutorial
     7 PHP Frameworks Tested For Speed
     How to Redirect URLs in PHP
     PHP GET and POST Functions
     Using External Iterators to Retrieve Data in PHP
     Lazy Loading with External PHP Iterators
     External PHP Iterators using the ArrayIterator Class
     External Iterators in PHP Using OOP
     Segregated Interfaces in PHP
     PHP URL Validation Functions
     Dependency Injection and Service Locators in PHP
     Building a Service Locator in PHP
     Developing a Simple Blog Application in PHP
     How to Use the PHP sort() Function
     Creating an Extensible Caching System in PHP
     Swapping Cache Back-End at Runtime in PHP
     HTML5 Client-Side Cache in PHP
     Deploying and Implementing PayPal IPN in PHP
     Developing a PayPal Customer Download Script
     Paypal IPN PHP Handler Script
     Plug-in Pattern in PHP and JavaScript
     The PHP Plug-in Pattern

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