Oracle Articles

     Oracle Java Security Woes Continue
     Oracle's New IaaS Cloud Option: There's a Catch
     Oracle Acquires Eloqua to Boost Cloud Presence
     Choosing Innovation: Oracle Survey Insights
     Oracle Fixes Privilege Escalation Bug
     Oracle`s Communications Service Availability Machine
     Oracle Releases Exalytics, Taleo Plans
     Oracle Releases Communications Network Integrity 7.1
     Oracle Releases Communications Data Model 11.2.5
     Oracle Releases PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52
     Oracle Integrates Cloudera Apache Distro, MySQL Support
     Oracle Releases MySQL 5.5.18
     Oracle Announces NoSQL Database Availability
     Sorting Database Columns With the SELECT Statement
     Retrieving Table Data with the LIKE Operator
     Using the IN and BETWEEN Operators on Tables
     Clauses and Logical Operators for Retrieving Table Data
     Limiting Rows When Retrieving Table Data
     Using Scalar Functions for Retrieving Data
     Retrieving Data with String and Arithmatic Expressions
     Oracle Releases iPad Virtual Desktop and Exadata Expansion
     Oracle App Moves Virtual Desktop to iPad
     Coding the SELECT Statement
     Oracle Upsets Red Hat Enterprise Linux Users
     Install Oracle Database 10g Express in Ubuntu
     Recovering an Oracle Database
     IBM, SAP Aim their Sights at Oracle
     Using Control Files for Backup and Recovery
     Oracle Date Functions in PL/SQL
     Oracle String Functions with PL/SQL
     Oracle Debugging Tips using Oracle SQL Developer
     Modifying Oracle PL/SQL Subprograms
     Oracle PL/SQL Stored Functions
     Oracle PL/SQL Control Structures and Loops
     Six Must Know Oracle Commands
     Oracle PL/SQL Subprogram Conditionals and Variables
     Subprocedures and Oracle PL/SQL Subprograms
     Transaction Statements in Oracle and PHP
     Auditing to Secure Oracle Database XE
     Roles and Auditing for Oracle Database XE
     The Role of Roles in Securing Oracle Database XE
     Using Privileges in Oracle Database XE
     System Privileges for Oracle Database XE
     Profiles, Password and Resource Control for Oracle Database XE
     Users and Database Authorization for Oracle Database XE
     Passwords and User Accounts for Oracle Database XE
     Database Authentication for Oracle Database XE
     Configuring Oracle Database XE and PHP
     Installing Oracle Database XE on a Linux Platform
     Oracle Database XE: Installing on a Linux Platform
     Installing Oracle Database XE on the Windows Platform
     Managing PL/SQL Code
     Getting Started with Oracle Database 10g
     Oracle Application Server 10g Architecture and Administration
     Oracle and Availability: Illustrated Downtime Scenarios
     The Oracle Application Server 10g Infrastructure
     The Database Administrator
     Availability and Recovery
     Introduction to SQL
     Mastering the WHERE Clause
     Oracle Stored Procedures
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL, part 1
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL, part 2
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL, part 3
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL: OBJECT and OBJECT
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL: Nested Tables
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL: Pre-defined Exceptions
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL: User defined Exceptions, Nested Blocks
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL: Nested Blocks in Depth
     Database Interaction with PL/SQL, Introduction to Cursors, Implicit Cursors

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