MySQL Articles

     Oracle Unveils MySQL 5.6
     MySQL Vulnerabilities Threaten Databases
     MySQL Cloud Options Expand with Google Cloud SQL
     MySQL 5.6 Prepped to Handle Demanding Web Use
     ScaleBase Service Virtualizes MySQL Databases
     Oracle Unveils MySQL Conversion Tools
     Akiban Opens Database Software for MySQL Users
     Oracle Fixes MySQL Bug
     MySQL Databases Vulnerable to Password Hack
     MySQL: Overview of the ALTER TABLE Statement
     MySQL: How to Use the GRANT Statement
     MySQL: Creating, Listing, and Removing Databases
     MySQL: Create, Show, and Describe Database Tables
     MySQL Data and Table Types
     McAfee Releases Audit Plugin for MySQL Users
     Continuent and SkySQL Form Partnership, Hadoop News
     Oracle Releases MySQL Cluster 7.2
     Cloudera Named Enterprise Hadoop Leader
     Xeround Releases Free Version of MySQL Cloud Database
     Oracle Announces New MySQL Specialization
     Constant Contact Chooses SkySQL for MySQL Support
     Revoke Statement in MySQL
     The Grant Statement in MySQL
     SuccessBricks Announces ClearDB Availability for Heroku
     TROSYS Launches Free MySQL Manager and Admin Tool
     Building a PHP ORM: Deploying a Blog
     Building an ORM in PHP: Domain Modeling
     Building an ORM in PHP
     MySQL Leads Open Source Market, Gets Cluster Support
     Oracle Announces Milestone Release for MySQL
     How to Stop SQL Injection Attacks
     New Defragmentation Solution for SQL Server
     Comparison of MyISAM and InnoDB MySQL Databases
     MySQL Left and Right Joins
     Understanding MySQL Joins
     Backup and Restore a MySQL Database
     MySQL REPLACE Statement and the UNIQUE Clause
     Avoiding Duplicate Records in MySQL
     Working with User Models in PHP and MySQL
     Xeround Announces Cloud Service for MySQL
     Learn MySQL at User Conferences
     Creating User Models in PHP and MySQL
     Percona Live MySQL Conference Reaches New York
     5 Great MySQL Tools
     Custom Session Management Using PHP and MySQL
     Gazzang Extends Encryption to More Open Source Databases
     Oracle CFO Resigns
     Oracle Abandons OpenOffice, Focuses on MySQL
     MySQL 5.6 Hits First Development Milestone Release
     MySQL and Oracle's Sun Fall to SQL Injection Attack
     7 MySQL Command-line Tool Tips
     MySQL 5.5 Update Features
     MySQL Command Line and SSH: Importing and Exporting Database
     Back Up a MySQL Database Using PHP and Cron Job
     Advanced Query Writing
     SQL Performance and Tuning Considerations
     Using Transactions In MySQL (Part 2)
     Using Subqueries In MySQL (part 1)
     Date Arithmetic With MySQL
     Using Subqueries In MySQL (part 2)
     Transferring Data to MySQL Using SQLyog
     Understanding SQL Joins
     Speaking SQL (part 2)
     Speaking SQL (part 1)
     The Perfect Job (part 1)
     The Perfect Job (part 2)
     An Introduction to Database Normalization (part 2)
     MySQL wizardry
     An Introduction to Database Normalization
     Remote Database Table Copier

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