MySQL Articles

     Getting PHP to Talk to MySQL
     Error Handling
     Working with PHP and MySQL
     PHP, MySQL and the PEAR Database
     Using Boolean Operators for Full Text and Boolean Searches with MySQL
     Building a Search Engine with MySQL and PHP 5
     Paginating Result Sets for a Search Engine Built with MySQL and PHP 5
     Completing a Search Engine with MySQL and PHP 5
     Error Handling Examples
     Using the SIGNAL Statement for Error Handling
     MySQL Table Prefix Changer Tool in PHP
     Take Some Load off MySQL with MemCached
     MySQL Benchmarking Concepts and Strategies
     MySQL Benchmarking Tools and Utilities
     Null and Empty Strings
     MySQL Query Optimizations and Schema Design
     MySQL Server Tuning Tips and Tricks
     The Three Most Important MySQL Queries
     Designing a MySQL Database: Tips and Techniques
     MySQL Security Tips
     MySQL in SSH: Basic Guide
     Using SSH in HeidiSQL and MySQL Query Browser: Encrypting Sessions
     Plan a Good Database
     Abstracting Access to MySQL for an MVC-Based Framework in PHP 5

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