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     Apple Founder Steve Jobs Dies
     Steve Jobs` Era at Apple Ends
     Google's Chrome Developer Tool Updated
     Google's Chrome 6 Browser Brings Speed to the Table
     Milepost GCC Speeds Open-Source Development
     Learn These 10 Programming Languages
     Open Source for Open Minds
     Beginning SQL
     MySQL Developer Contests PostgreSQL Benchmarks
     Making the Most of Your Design Business
     Open Source - On why not
     Web Workout
     Jakarta goes live
     PHP: a silent killer
     It's small. It's fast. It's thttpd!
     New PHP Release, Impending Casualties for Open Source?
     Effects of Government Legislation
     As if life on the Internet wasn't complicated enough...
     Internet Explorer 4.0 Bug
     Open Source Web Technologies - Looking Back, Looking Around.
     Tasty Advertising
     Open Source Web Ready for Prime Time?
     OSDBs Take on the Enterprise
     Lessons Learned Managing Software Development in Startups
     See You in Beijing
     Linux in Iraq: Still a Wounded Country
     Rescue Me!
     Mozilla Goes Corporate
     Open Source and Proprientary Approaches To Bugs and Quality
     After Skype Sells, Will eBay Suffer Buyer`s Remorse?
     Joomla is the New Mambo
     What we can Learn from Two Linux vs. Microsoft Studies
     A Look at Google Project Hosting
     Secure Remote Desktop Sharing with VNC on Linux
     Microsoft Continues War on Open Source
     PGP and GPG: Email for the Practical Paranoid
     Executing Commands with bash
     Pipelines Can Do Amazing Things
     Book Review: Open Source Licensing
     A Quick Tour of Boo
     A Look at the VI Editor
     Beginning SQL the SEQUEL: Working with Advanced SQL Statements
     Advanced File I/O
     More Advanced SQL Statements
     Tomcat Performance Tuning
     SQL: Functioning in the Real World
     All About SQL Functions
     MySQL Plays in the Sun
     Outsourcing: the Hoopla, the Reality
     Better Command Execution with bash
     More Amazing Things to Do With Pipelines
     Choosing an Open-Source Content Management System
     How to Replace an Invalid Windows XP Installation with Ubuntu
     Linux Files and the Event Poll Interface
     The MMAP System Call in Linux
     Using mmap() for Advanced File I/O
     Advising the Linux Kernel on File I/O
     Linux I/O Schedulers
     Configuring and Optimizing Your I/O Scheduler
     Wubi: Windows-based Ubuntu Installer
     Benchmarking Tomcat Performance
     Tomcat Benchmark Procedure
     Internal and External Performance Tuning with Tomcat
     Tomcat Capacity Planning
     The Advantages of Obscure Open Source Browsers
     Dell Announces CSI-style Digital Forensics Service
     Yahoo and Microsoft Create Ad Partnership
     Demystifying SELinux on Kernel 2.6
     Migrating Oracle to PostgreSQL with EnterpriseDB
     Building a Linux Wireless Access Point

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