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Oracle Unveils MySQL 5.6
Earlier this month, Oracle released version 5.6 of MySQL, the widely popular open source database. While the latest version brings a number of significant new features and capabilities, some observers wonder if it's too little, too late – as many users have been transitioning to MariaDB, a competing open source database created by the original founder of MySQL.

MySQL Vulnerabilities Threaten Databases
Over the weekend, a prominent developer and security professional released some uncomfortable information to the Full Disclosure mailing list for MySQL open source database project. He revealed information and exploits for a number of MySQL vulnerabilities that could let attackers gain access to a database and execute malicious code.

MySQL Cloud Options Expand with Google Cloud SQL
If your MySQL shop wants to experiment with low cost cloud storage, now might be the time. Google announced late last week that its Google Cloud SQL will start offering more storage, faster reads and writes, and other features, plus a new option for Premier customers.

MySQL 5.6 Prepped to Handle Demanding Web Use
What do you do to make a highly-successful open source database even more capable than it already is? If that database is MySQL, you beef up and add to all the features that make it perform so well on the web.

ScaleBase Service Virtualizes MySQL Databases
The open source MySQL database serves well for many needs, but when it starts getting really big – say, 100 GB – it can start giving users fits. What can you do about these issues? If you don't want to try a hardware fix, ScaleBase offers a software technology solution that could be just what you need.

Oracle Unveils MySQL Conversion Tools
If you use Microsoft's MS SQL Server, Oracle wants to lure you over to the MySQL side. Just ahead of releasing its MySQL 5.6 database, the software company started offering a number of downloadable migration tools to make it easier to convert from one to the other.

Akiban Opens Database Software for MySQL Users
At the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon, Akiban Technologies unwrapped a present for MySQL developers: it released Akiban Server, its flagship database software, as open source. Akiban also unveiled a connector that will allow users to replicate a MySQL database with the software.

Oracle Fixes MySQL Bug
Making a small but important fix, Oracle released version 5.5.25a of its popular MySQL open source relational database. While it's good to see this issue taken care of, some have found cause for complaint in the way Oracle released the bug repair.

MySQL Databases Vulnerable to Password Hack
If you handle the security for any MySQL databases, listen up: news of a trivially easy to exploit password vulnerability came out over the weekend. There is already a patch, but you'd better make sure you're covered. Keep reading for the details.

MySQL: Overview of the ALTER TABLE Statement
This tutorial will show you how you can use the ALTER TABLE statement to tweak table structures in MySQL.

MySQL: How to Use the GRANT Statement
This tutorial will explain what the MySQL GRANT statement does and how it can be used to grant privileges to certain MySQL user accounts.

MySQL: Creating, Listing, and Removing Databases
Today’s MySQL database tutorial covers a few basic concepts. Specifically, we are going to discuss how to create a MySQL database in the first place. Next, you will learn how to list and select databases in MySQL. Finally, you will see the steps to remove databases in MySQL.

MySQL: Create, Show, and Describe Database Tables
This article will describe how to work with database tables. Specifically, you will learn how to create, show, and describe database tables.

MySQL Data and Table Types
Today’s MySQL database tutorial will cover MySQL data and table types. Both of these topics are essential to anyone jumping into the world of the MySQL and give you a nice little foundation to build on as you hone your skills.

McAfee Releases Audit Plugin for MySQL Users
McAfee, the organization that holds the title of being the world’s largest security technology company, has just announced the release of its free open-source audit plugin for MySQL users. The free plugin was created by McAfee to join the company’s pre-existing solutions that make up its award-winning line of products that specialize in database security.

Continuent and SkySQL Form Partnership, Hadoop News
The MySQL community received some good news recently, as Continuent, a provider of MySQL replication and clustering solutions, and SkySQL, a provider of affordable MySQL database solutions, announced a newly-formed partnership.

Oracle Releases MySQL Cluster 7.2
Oracle recently took another step forward towards the improvement of MySQL with the release of MySQL Cluster 7.2. The release comes chock full of improvements that further enhance MySQL Cluster’s core characteristics of offering low latency, high write scalability, and so-called “99.999% availability” in a cost-effective manner.

Cloudera Named Enterprise Hadoop Leader
Cloudera’s claim as the industry leader in Apache Hadoop-based solutions was recently solidified even further by a new report released by Forrester Research. Dubbed “Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2012,” the February 2012 report names Cloudera as the king of enterprise Hadoop providers.

Xeround Releases Free Version of MySQL Cloud Database
Xeround releases a free version of its cloud database for MySQL while SkySQL and MariaDB host a new SQL training event. Click on the link to find out more!

Oracle Announces New MySQL Specialization
Oracle announced the expansion of its Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized program with the addition of a MySQL Specialization. MySQL holds the distinction of being the word’s most popular open-source database offering, boasting a customer base of over 3,000 independent software vendors, original equipment manufacturers, and value-added resellers. Oracle’s latest creation of the MySQL Specialization reaffirms the company’s commitment to increasing the appeal and presence of the MySQL platform.