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More Java Bugs Lead to More Attacks
sNot even a week after Oracle sent out its latest set of Java patches, security firm Security Explorations reported two more vulnerabilities that allow hackers to bypass the language's security sandbox entirely. These flaws reported affect all versions of Java 7, including Java 7 Update 15, the latest one released.

Oracle's Java One Brings News, Surprises
This year's Java One conference took place in San Francisco from September 30 through October 4. This well-attended event brings together celebrities of the Java world to review the language's roadmap for the future, learn from each other, and network.

Oracle Patches Java Runtime Environment
Late last week, Oracle released an emergency Java update to cover security holes in the Java Runtime Environment. These holes allow malicious hackers to download and run arbitrary code on vulnerable computers.

Apple Syncs Java Update with Oracle
For perhaps the first time in its history, Apple synchronized its Java update for Mac OS X to happen at about the same time that Oracle released its security patches to the system. While Apple seems to have learned its lesson from a security breach back in April, the company could still be doing a better job; some lingering questions remain.

Spring 3.1 Java Development Framework Compatibility Update
VMWare, an industry leader in cloud infrastructure and virtualization products for businesses, recently announced that the updated release of its Spring 3.1 open source Java development framework comes with enhanced compatibility to include support for the following major extensions: Spring Batch, Spring Data, Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring Mobile, and Spring for Android.

Jelastic Java PaaS Availability and Pricing Announced
Jelastic COO announces pricing and availability for its Java PaaS line, while Oracle patches 14 vulnerabilities.

NetBeans 7.1 Released, Supports JavaFX 2
Oracle recently released NetBeans IDE 7.1, the latest version of its free, open source integrated development environment that gives developers the power to create a variety of applications using Java, PHP, and C/C++. The release is of particular importance to the Java community, as NetBeans 7.1 represents the first IDE to include full support for the Java platform’s latest standards in the form of JavaFX 2.0 and JDK 7.

SolarWinds Releases Newest Version of Java Monitor
SolarWinds, a global provider of IT management software, recently released the latest version of its Application Performance Monitor that comes equipped with several enhancements that focus on improved speed and usability. Dubbed APM 4.2, the new monitor tackles problems associated with monitoring application and server performance and availability to ensure that IT infrastructures are running as intended.

Free Monitoring Tool for Java Apps on Heroku
New Relic, a provider of SaaS-based app performance management, recently announced that New Relic Standard edition is now available for customers running Java applications on Heroku.

Heroku Adds JCloud Platform Support, Java 7 News
Cloud application platform provider Heroku recently expanded its reach by adding support for Java. The move adds to the platform’s appeal and strengthens its supported language lineup which already included Clojure, Node.js, and Ruby.

Java SE 8 Speculation in Full Swing
With the release of Java 7 Standard Edition programming language finally out of the way, it did not take long for discussions speculating on Java 8’s features to pop up. Members of the Java Community Process and those affiliated with Oracle have begun churning out ideas on what to include with the future release, and one area that seems to be of particular importance is that of prepping Java 8 for the cloud.

Java SE 7 Now Available
Oracle recently released Java’s newest edition in the form of Java Platform, Standard Edition 7. The release is significant, as it is the platform’s first under the Oracle umbrella. Oracle engineers collaborated with members of global Java ecosystem via the Java Community Process and the OpenJDK Community in creating Java SE 7, and it comes loaded with plenty of new and improved features.

New JVM Language and Java Reporting Tool
Stimulsoft releases a Java report generation tool, while JetBrains preps a new JVM-based language named Kotlin.

Java 7 Release Update and New Eclipse Toolkit
It may have taken a while, but it appears as if Java 7 will finally become available in the near future. Obstacles such as ownership changes and other delays stood in the way of Java 7's development, but Oracle unveiled the programming language's first release candidate last week. The official launch of Java 7 is expected to take place later this month. To give interested parties a taste of what's to come, Oracle discussed some of Java 7's features during a global event last Thursday.

The Best Java Netbeans IDE Plugins
In this programming article, we will look at some of the best Netbeans IDE plugins you can use to make the most out of your Java applications. We will be showcasing add-ons for several different categories, including reporting, mobile app development, database development, and GUI (graphical user interface).

Java EE 7 Looks to the Cloud
Oracle revealed some details regarding its future release of Java Enterprise Edition 7 last week at the Jax conference in San Jose, California. Although many features were leaked, the highlight of the discussion was Java EE 7's PaaS (platform-as-a-service) capabilities for cloud computing. Java EE 7 is slated for release sometime during the third quarter of 2012.

Oracle Seeks Billions from Google Over Patent
Google could become billions of dollars poorer in the future, that's if Oracle wins their current patent and copyright infringement lawsuit versus the search engine giant. Last week, Oracle made its claims public in a San Francisco federal court, where the company said it is seeking $6.1 billion dollars from Google. At the heart of the case is Google's Android software that runs on mobile devices, which Oracle says has been using technology related to its Java programming language.

Oracle Java 6 Update Fixes Security Vulnerabilities
Oracle released Java 6 Update 26 on June 8. While the update was part of Oracle's regular schedule when it comes to Java releases, it was of particular importance due to the various security vulnerabilities it patched. In all, 17 remote execution vulnerabilities in Java were closed.

RIM Releases New BlackBerry Java SDK
In this news recap, we take a peek at two news stories affecting Java: the release of the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0 and Google's performance testing of C++, Java, Scala, and Go.

Oracle Now Offering JRockit for Free
Back in September of last year, Oracle announced that it was working on merging its Java HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JRockit JVM. The plan was to take the best features of each implementation and combine them into a single JVM that would take the market by storm. Such a move not only required work in the realm of engineering, but also licensing. In a recent blog post by JRockit's program manager Henrik Stahl, he revealed that the work is finally complete, and the license under which the Oracle (Sun) JDK and JRockit are distributed has been updated. The new license is based on Sun's old Binary Code License that was tied to many Java downloads throughout the years, although it comes with some modifications of its own.