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Google Play Launched to Revive Brand
In what is considered to be a major move by many, Google has launched its Google Play service as a way to revive the brand. While the search giant’s Android mobile platform has enjoyed widespread adoption, its Android Market has failed to generate sufficient interest from consumers in Google’s eyes. By combining apps and games, books, movies, and music into a rebranded one-stop shop that’s accessible from any Android device or the Web, the company hopes it can become more competitive in the content arena against its main rival, Apple.

Google Releases Preview of its Cloud SQL Service
It appears as if Google has been listening to its App Engine platform-as-a service customers, as the company has just announced the release of a limited preview of the Google SQL Cloud service. With the service, Google supplies developers with a hosted MySQL database environment that is scalable. The move shows that Google is dedicated to giving customers the functionality they desire and should attract more businesses to its cloud computing platform.

Microsoft and Amazon Team Up for the Cloud
A new partnership between Microsoft and Amazon Web Services was revealed last week, giving Amazon’s cloud customers the ability to run Microsoft Windows Server applications on their cloud infrastructure. The official announcement came last week during Microsoft’s 2011 Worldwide Partner Conference. The partnership is an appealing one, as it combines Microsoft’s solid software with Amazon’s reliable infrastructure.

GoDaddy Joining the Cloud
When you think of GoDaddy, you may think of race car driver Danica Patrick, sexy Super Bowl ads, web hosting, and domain registration for the average Joe. While GoDaddy has certainly made a name for itself with that list, it plans on expanding in the near future, this time taking a shot at the cloud. Yes, you heard it right, GoDaddy will begin offering cloud computer services to customers in an attempt to get in on some of the market share that Amazon Web Services and Rackspace hosting currently have.

Amazon EBS Outage Challenges Cloud Supporters
Last week, Amazon Web Services experienced a lengthy outage of their Elastic Block Store that took down both popular websites like Reddit but also a number of online services providers such as Heroku that lacked an alternative location to host their database. Many observers say the outage demonstrates the difference between what users expect from an online service, and what cloud computing can actually deliver.

Dynamic Data Analysis on the Web-a Design Approach
Learn about an adaptable approach which separates programming tasks from Web page design tasks. This strong conceptual model encourages good design, enables re-use of data definitions, and is well-suited to the construction of dynamic user interfaces. The authors also illustrate the particular challenges you might encounter when you dynamically change the analysis performed by Web pages. (This intermediate-level article was first published by IBM developerWorks, August 5, 2004, at http://www.ibm.com/developerWorks).

Use collection types with SOAP and JAX-RPC
This article introduces a couple of techniques that you can use to build interoperable Web services that take and return object collections. This is the first of a series of articles covering this subject. Future articles will cover more detailed scenarios. (This intermediate-level article was first published by IBM developerWorks, May 28, 2004, at http://www.ibm.com/developerWorks).

Blogging Away To Glory (A bBlog Primer)
Everybody's blogging these days. Harish Kamath shows you how to do it with bBlog, one of the most feature-rich blogging software packages on the PHP/Apache/MySQL platform.

Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
This article describes the concept of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), its benefits, SOA with Web Services, choosing a platform to implement SOA and other related topics. The author recommends implementing SOA right now to survive in this competitive world.

Connecting Smart Devices on the Internet
If connecting a smart device can create substantial customer value and you do not do it, your competitors will. Terry Ess provides a checklist of questions to consider and methods to evaluate. How much code is necessary for different options is covered in detail as well as the business case.

An Embeddable Standards Compliant Web Service Server
What would it take to make a fairly general purpose server that ties into the IT infrastructure and performs more than information retrieval and still be embeddable? The author outlines the requirements, the functions supported, and discusses issues such as performance and security.