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An Overview of Flash and ActionScript
You can find Flash almost everywhere on the web, adding its magic touch to web sites. ActionScript makes it work. If you're thinking of making your web site a little more flashy, keep reading for an overview.

Building Web Forms In Flash
In addition to building animation clips on the fly, Flash can also be used to build simple Web forms to collect user data on your Web site. This article demonstrates the process, showing you how to build simple Flash forms and link them to server-side scripts for further processing.

Building Data-Driven Flash Movies
Contrary to what you might think, Flash isn't just all tweens and motion blurs. The application comes with powerful data-retrieval capabilities, which allow you to hook your Flash movie clips up to a database (or any other external data source) and dynamically build movie clips that are easy to update and modify. Find out more, in this rough guide to the data-driven Flash universe.

Flash 101 (part 6): The Final Countdown
In the final part of our introductory Flash tutorial, find out how to add sound to your Flash movie, organize your movie into scenes, share symbols across different movie clips, and import GIFs and JPEGs into your animation sequence.

Flash 101 (part 5): Spiralling Out Of Control
This week, find out why movie clip symbols are a Good Thing, and learn to add interactivity to your Flash movies with the built-in Actions. And when you're done, use the new Flash Projector to distribute your movies to all and sundry. Who needs Hollywood when you can just roll your own?!

Flash 101 (Part 4): Don't Touch Me!
In this article, learn about the text tool, experiment with a few text effects, and find out all about a new type of Flash symbol: the button.

Flash 101 (part 3): Bouncing Around
Last time, you learned the basics of animation by creating a frame-by-frame motion clip. This time, find out how Flash's powerful tweening tools can help you create good-looking animation clips with minimal time and effort. Also covered: shape hints and motion guides.