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Zend is an open source scripting engine that plays an important role in the PHP language—which should come as no surprise, since the company named Zend wrote PHP. The Zend scripting engine features a modular architecture, and can also be used in applications outside of PHP. It is known for its performance, reliability, and extensibility. If you want to find out how Zend can help you, check out our articles!

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Red Hat, Zend Form OpenShift PaaS Alliance

Terri Wells 8419

Linux-using PHP programmers will want to pay attention to the latest news item from Red Hat and Zend. The two companies – the Linux provider and the maker of the popular PHP development and runtime environment – are partnering to expand Red Hat's OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service offering to PHP.


Taking the Zend Certified PHP Engineer Exam: My Story

David Fells 226171

Thinking about taking the Zend Certified PHP Engineer Exam? Before you do, see what David Fells experienced when he recently took the test and see what you should be ready for and what not to waste your time (or money) on.


Quick Introduction to PHP 5

Zend 48436

The groundbreaking release of PHP 3 in 1997 revolutionized the way in which Web sites are developed, and made it possible for everyone to create simple, yet powerful Web applications. PHP 4 took PHP much further by introducing the Zend® Engine, pushing the performance of PHP through the roof, and allowing it to be more extensible than ever before.


PHP SOAP Extension

Zend 227863

This article describes the new SOAP extension for PHP. It is intended for PHP developers who want to write their own Web Services servers, or use SOAP to access existing ones. It assumes some familiarity with Web Services, SOAP, and WSDL (Web Services Description Language).


Improving Performance

Zend 110673

Your web presence is growing! Traffic and usage are escalating and you have to maintain a superior level of performance. The state of growth unfolds many opportunities but it also holds challenges as a result of change. Not only does performance affect your operating costs, it also reflects directly on the end-user experience. The marketing and sales departments are probably saying that happier users directly increase sales.


PDFs with PHP part 2

Zend 68014

This tutorial is intended for the PHP programmer who needs to incorporate PDF generation in a script without using external libraries such as PDFlib (often unavailable due to licensing restrictions or lack of funds). This tutorial is the second of two parts, and builds on what was covered in the first part. Therefore, if you have not yet gone through Part 1, you are advised to do so (or at least read through it), before going through this tutorial (Part 2). Apart from what was dealt with in Part 1, no knowledge of PDF file structure is required to understand this tutorial, as all references are explained.


PDFs with PHP part 1

Zend 91097

This tutorial is intended for the PHP programmer who needs to incorporate PDF generation in a script without using external libraries such as PDFlib (often unavailable due to licensing restrictions or lack of funds). This tutorial will cover only the basics, which hopefully will give you a good start. PDF has a vast set of features and possibilities which can not be covered in a short tutorial. If you need more than what is covered here, you might want to look at some similar yet more complete solutions available, such as the excellent work done by Olivier Plathey on the FPDF class (http://fpdf.org), on which this tutorial is based. Of course, you may wish to take your own route and for that there is also the PDF reference (be warned: it’s 1,172 pages!) Basic familiarity with using PHP classes is assumed. Knowledge of PDF file structure is not required, as all references are explained.


PHP at Lycos

Zend 29476

PANGORA is a product search, which is integrated into the shopping channels of 25 leading online portals in Europe. PANGORA bundles the goods from 900 online shops into a total of 7.5 million products and uses sophisticated algorithms to present highly relevant results to online shoppers. Among the partners, considerable portals such as Yahoo!, AOL, T-Online, LYCOS and Tiscali are included. The PANGORA search is a modular-developed, flexible service that is adapted to the individual requirements of partners. PANGORA is a service of IBO GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LYCOS Europe.


Build Database Interfaces

Zend 82866

This article is about using and building Database Interfaces (DB interfaces). DB interfaces make application development faster and easier. This is accomplished by relocating scattered DML (Insert, Update, Delete) statements into a single shared tool, the Class. A Class encapsulates data post processing, integrity, and security into a single tool that can be accessed throughout the application.

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