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Reasons to Keep Faith in Windows Phone 7

wubayou 5914

This article looks at some reasons why Windows Phone 7 might still have a place in the smartphone maret.


Call for Mango Apps, Android Rising to the Top

wubayou 4916

Microsoft recently had a message for its Windows Phone 7 app developers: submit your Mango apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace now. The announcement comes despite the lack of an official release date for Mango, which is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system that is likely to debut very soon.


Undecided Buyers Play Key Role in Smartphone Fight

wubayou 3911

The smartphone war is as heated as ever at the moment, and it shows no real signs of slowing down. As Android, Apple, RIM BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 all aim to be the top dog, various surveys and statistics are being released to document who is in the lead and who has the best chance of coming out on top. Nielsen is just one of the many participants in the smartphone madness, and it recently released its latest Mobile Insights report that gives an overview of the current market, as well as what it could look like in the future.


Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Surpasses 30,000

wubayou 4820

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform has not exactly taken the smartphone world by storm in its first year on the market, as it lags far behind competitors such as Android and the iPhone. Still, there was some good news for the company’s smartphone entry, as its Marketplace recently surpassed 30,000 apps.


Ten Android Apps Dominate Smartphone Usage

wubayou 9195

Results of a recent study released by Nielsen Smartphone Analytics shows that Android smartphone users love their apps. The app love is not surprising, especially when you consider the huge catalog of apps in the Android Market. What is surprising, however, is the fact that Android owners dedicate most of their time to a select group of apps, leaving the majority of app developers wondering what they have to do to get some attention.


An Overview of BlackBerry 7 OS

wubayou 4609

RIM has received criticism in the past for failing to be innovative with its BlackBerry OS. As iOS and Android continue to move forward and gain in popularity, some see RIM and its BlackBerry as fading stars. Is the release of the latest BlackBerry 7 OS a reason for RIM optimism? Let’s take a closer look to find out.


Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 Could Become the Smartphone King

wubayou 4284

Windows Phone 7 is not Microsoft’s first foray into the mobile operating system arena. The software giant kicked its mobile OS history off in the 1990’s with the introduction of Windows CE for phones and PDAs. CE never achieved meteoric success, but it did manage to find a niche in the enterprise world.


Android and iPhone Post Strong Second Quarter Numbers

wubayou 4212

Canalys, a research firm that focuses on smartphone analysis and more, recently released its final global smartphone market estimates for the second quarter of 2011. While the numbers show a strong quarter for the market as a whole, Android and Apple had particularly strong showings.


New App Store Rules Rile Users and Publishers

wubayou 4299

Apple has implemented some new App Store rules that have both users and publishers up in arms. What exactly are these new rules and how do they affect Apple's standing in the battle for control of the mobile app market? Read on to find out!


Android Uncertain in Battle Versus iOS

wubayou 4430

It’s hard to deny the success of Google’s Android platform. In its relatively short existence, Android has managed to overtake both Research in Motion and Apple to become the leader in the smartphone market. While the popularity of Android is easy to see with customers, its appeal to developers is another story.


Google Simplifies Smartphone App Development

wubayou 5844

Google continues to make life easier for app developers on its Android Platform. Meanwhile, Nintendo speaks out about rumors of game development for smartphones.


iPhone 5 Rumors and Google's Swiffy Project

wubayou 6494

This article takes a look inside iPhone 5 rumors and Google's new Swiffy Project, which offers Flash support to Apple products such as the iPad, iPod, and iPhone.


Introducing MeeGo IVI: Ignition Switch

Nathan Willis 15582

MeeGo isn't just for netbooks and smartphones. The In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) branch might someday power the computer system on your automobile.


Smartphone App Security Risks

wubayou 6598

ViaForensics' appWatchdog study has found that several iPhone and Android applications are lacking when it comes to proper security. Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the security firm's study is the popularity and widespread use of some of the apps in question, meaning that the amount of users affected or at risk is likely very high.


Test Your Smartphone Apps with Windows Phone Emulator

wubayou 10531

The Windows Phone Emulator is a tool that allows you to develop, debug, and test your Windows Phone applications right from your computer. It provides a virtual comparison of how your app will look and behave on an actual Windows Phone device. The emulator does offer some money-saving advantages, but it obviously should not be seen as a total replacement to testing on a physical Windows Phone device. This tutorial will provide an overview of some ways in which the Windows Phone Emulator can help you test your apps.

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