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Android, iOS End 2011 Strong, comScore Reports

wubayou 31732

Market research firm comScore recently released statistics from its MobiLens service that offers insight into the United States’ mobile phone industry. The statistics covered the three-month period ending November 2011, and, as seems to be the case as of late, Android and iOS were the biggest winners.


iOS Development: Hello World! in Xcode

Richard Bagley 11849

This tutorial will teach you how to develop your first "Hello World" application for iOS using Xcode.


Mobile Apps Becoming the New King of Media

wubayou 5880

Mobile apps may be relatively young in terms of how long they have been around, but that is not stopping them from being the king of media when you look at the sheer numbers in which they are being produced. If you are looking for some proof behind such a claim, just consider the fact that developers recently surpassed the one million app milestone across all the major markets from Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.


Incentivized Apps Fail to Make a Lasting Impression

wubayou 4774

The use of incentives that promise gaming points, virtual currency, or other rewards at no cost is a rather clever way to achieve app downloads in the short term, but as a long term method to leave a lasting impression, the use of such incentivized apps is not too effective, at least if you believe some recently published survey results.


Android Market Surpasses 10 Billion, Apple iOS Still Developer Choice

wubayou 5407

Apple may be the current king when it comes to app downloads, but Google’s Android platform is proving to be a strong competitor, as the company announced that its Android Market had surpassed the milestone of 10 billion app downloads. While it took Google 20 months to amass its first billion app downloads, Android’s impressive momentum now has the platform’s app store racking up a billion downloads on a monthly basis with relative ease.


Smartphone Ice Cream Sandwich, Android Enterprise 2012

wubayou 5578

Smartphones equipped with Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich have not yet hit the shelves in the United States, but that has not stopped the CyanogenMod team’s efforts to make Google’s latest operating system a reality for those willing to take a plunge.


Adobe Promises New Version of Flash for Mobile

wubayou 5092

Despite the fact that Adobe recently stated it would stop development of its mobile Flash Player, the company has just announced that it has another version in the works that will bring support for the platform to Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.


Young Developers Make a Splash in App Market

wubayou 6242

The increased functionality and technology that comes packed within smartphones’ compact shells and other portable devices such as tablets is making them more and more of a must-have item amongst consumers. Apps help to amplify a device’s functionality, whether it is for productivity or pleasure. As the tech world becomes crazier for apps, many developers are jumping into the field in an attempt to not only gain recognition, but also financial profit. While most app developers probably have plenty of experience under their belts, some are brand new to the game and very young as well.


Loss of Adobe Mobile Flash Leaves a Void, or Does It?

wubayou 3735

Adobe’s decision to abandon future development of its mobile Flash Player is certainly newsworthy, but one has to wonder if the platform will really be missed when all is said and done. BlackBerry PlayBook owners and Android users will feel the effects of the move as future mobile Flash updates for new configurations, operating systems, or browsers will become non existent, but life will surely go on. This becomes especially true when you consider that Flash offers more disadvantages than perks when it comes to the mobile arena.


Adobe Ceases Future Development of Flash for Mobile Devices

wubayou 3406

The tech industry received somewhat of a surprise earlier this week when it was announced that Adobe would discontinue future efforts to develop its beloved Flash multimedia platform for mobile environments. ZDNet reported that some of the mobile versions of Flash that will cease to exist in the future include those for RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, as well as Flash for Android, among others.


RIM, BlackBerry Face an Uphill Climb

wubayou 3865

RIM’s recent worldwide service outage that put its BlackBerry users out of touch with their handheld devices was a devastating blow to the company’s future prospects, but how much of a deciding factor it becomes still remains to be seen. RIM’s demise was apparently predicted prior to the outage, as surveys painted a not-so bright future for the BlackBerry maker. It could be said, however, that the outage was icing on the cake and enough to push already disgruntled BlackBerry users towards RIM’s competitors.


Android Version of NoScript for Firefox Now Available

wubayou 101403

Android users recently got some good news, as the availability of the NoScript for Firefox add-on was just announced for their mobile platform of choice. The add-on has helped enhance browsing security for Firefox users in a desktop setting in the past, but now has the capability to give users on the go some extra peace of mind as well with version 3.0a8.


Nokia and Microsoft Attempt to Attract Symbian Developers

wubayou 3595

Microsoft is apparently dissatisfied with its current place in the smartphone hierarchy, and the company is making moves in an attempt to create a dent in the market share held by iOS and Android. Microsoft’s latest move in conjunction with Nokia is the decision to add Symbian Qt to the Windows Phone API mapping tool to make its platform more appealing to Symbian developers.


iPhone 5 Release and Jaspersoft iPad Support

wubayou 4003

Jaspersoft, a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, just announced the inclusion of iPad support in its latest release of Business Intelligence Suite 4.2. The new software development kit (SDK) geared towards Apple’s iOS operating system is the highlight of the 4.2 release, and it puts Jaspersoft in the same boat as other companies such as Information Builders, Oracle, and SAS Institute who have decided to add support for Apple’s popular tablet device in 2011.


Safari Books Online iPad App and Mobile Site

James Payne 8476

In this article I discuss two new offerings from Safari Books Online: their SafaritoGo iPad app and their mobile site – m.safaribooksonline.com.

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