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Systems administrators have more than enough threats they need to worry about. There are viruses, worms, DDoS attacks, and phishers, just to name a few. Let’s not even talk about employees who aren’t up on security protocols! On the other hand, let’s talk about them. If you have to deal with these and other problems regularly, we have the aspirin for your security headache.

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Secure Your Business for Data Privacy Day

Terri Wells 10604

Today is Data Privacy Day, a global celebration that commemorates the 1981 signing of the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. It's a great day to evaluate your firm's data security, and consider what you and your co-workers can do to further safeguard your sensitive data.


Google Testing Security Fob Password Alternative

Terri Wells 11156

After seeing and hearing about too many successful incidents of hacking and identity theft, one does not need to be a paranoid systems administrator to think passwords might no longer offer strong enough security. Google agrees with this sentiment, and the search giant is testing a device that could replace those pesky passwords with something more hacker-proof.


Security News Highlights Concerns

Terri Wells 10556

These days, running an insecure system can leave your company facing much worse consequences than an offline website. You could face lawsuits. A recent article on a security breach at a large insurance company brings that issue into focus. Keep reading to see how Nationwide is trying to do the right thing.


Going to Extremes for Data Security

Terri Wells 8806

Should you worry less or more if your business takes its data to the cloud? That depends on the infrastructure of the data center “cloud” in question. We can learn a lot about how to do it right from Minkels and Deltalis, whose special project is a finalist for the DatacenterDynamics Awards 2012 category “Most Extreme Datacenter Deployment.”


Skipfish Website Vulnerability Scanner

Codex-M 42656

Security is by far the most important aspect that any webmaster should consider for long term website success. A lot of open source and commercial tools are available to scan your website for vulnerabilities. If you are looking for an efficient, powerful, fast and free tool, then you might need to give “Skipfish” a try.


MySQL Security Tips

Codex-M 43122

If you are a web developer or administrator, aside from administering your web server, you should also be administering your MySQL database in terms of security. This database is open source and is commonly used with the PHP web server scripting language; tons of useful applications are being developed with this kind of setup. This is good, but it opens up issues, which we'll discuss here along with their solutions.


PHP Encryption and Decryption Methods

Codex-M 123229

PHP encryption is a method of obfuscating scripts in such a way that it offers additional protection and prevents unauthorized editing of the scripts. This article discusses both encryption and decryption.


Critical Microsoft Visual Studio Security Patch Tuesday

Dev Shed 14018

Microsoft is releasing a security patch for Visual Studio and another "moderate" rated patch for IE for almost all versions. The patches are must-haves for developers that use Visual Studio and any internet explorer users.


US Faces Tech Security Expert Deficit

Dev Shed 13597

Recent attacks against the United States IT security infrastructure has officials worried that, over the next decade, qualified cyber-security personnel will be at a premium; and a shortage. The question is: how does the USA plan to lure and keep top tech talent to secure and protect the national information infrastructure?


LAN Reconnaissance

O'Reilly Media 65887

If you're trying to keep your LAN secure, sometimes it helps to think like a cracker. This article shows you how to scout out a LAN, and how malicious hackers get around security. It is excerpted from chapter four of Security Power Tools, written by Bryan Burns et. al. (O'Reilly, 2007; ISBN: 0596009631). Copyright © 2007 O'Reilly Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission from the publisher. Available from booksellers or direct from O'Reilly Media.


An Epilogue to Cryptography

Barzan "Tony" Antal 30573

This is the last part of a three-part series covering encryption and decryption, with a focus on the algorithms used. If you have missed either the first or second part, I encourage you to check them out before reading this part.


A Sequel to Cryptography

Barzan "Tony" Antal 38073

This is the second part of a series covering cryptography algorithms. If by any chance you have missed its first part, I urge you to check it out right now. It is called "An Introduction to Cryptography." In order to understand this article, it is crucial to grasp the concepts explained in that part.


An Introduction to Cryptography

Barzan "Tony" Antal 93729

In the last few decades the science and study of cryptography has earned an outstanding reputation due to its insane applicability and efficiency. Cryptography is the science of message secrecy. Its importance is easily explicable -- it is used everywhere: online purchasing, secured money transfers, cellular phones, broadcast of TV channels, emails, confidential data, and so forth. Our life would be quite different without cryptography.


Security Overview

McGraw-Hill/Osborne 105466

When we talk about “security” we know what we want, but describing it and making it happen can be different matters altogether. Network security has a natural conflict with network connectivity. The more an autonomous system opens itself up, the more risk it takes on. This, in turn, requires that more effort be applied to security enforcement tasks. This article is chapter eight of the book, Cisco: A Beginner's Guide, third edition, by Anthony Velte and Toby Velte (McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2004, ISBN: 0072256354).


Network Security Assessment

O'Reilly Media 97057

If you want to run a business with a website, security must be high on your list of important matters to get right up front. In this article, you will learn about Internet-based network security assessment and penetration testing, which can help you determine your website's risk of being successfully attacked -- and what to do to fix any problems. It is taken from chapter one of the book Network Security Assessment by Chris McNab (O'Reilly, 2004; ISBN: 059600611X).

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