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Before you spend the time and effort to learn how to use a new piece of software, or even decide whether to go to a particular trade show, you want to know whether it’s worth the bother. After all, to most of us, time is more precious than money! Our reviews of tools, software products, and the occasional trade show will help you make sure you don’t waste your resources.

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Safari Books Online Makes Getting Certifications Easier

James Payne 8147

In this installment of our on-going look at Safari Books Online, we take a look at the library’s offering in terms of what it has to offer for those preparing to get technical certifications, such as their MCSE, A+, CCNA, PMP, and so forth. So if you are preparing to take that next step in your education, take a peek inside and see how Safari Books Online can help you achieve your goals.


Safari Books Online Video Library

James Payne 6391

Safari Books Online is more than just an online digital library of books - it is also host to a vast collection of technical videos designed to help you become a better techie. In this article, we will be delving into the company's video library to see what type of offerings they have. Will their video library have the PMP Exam Prep information you need? What about the best certification help video training you’ve been needing? Only one way to find out! Click the link to read more.


Safari Books Online Featured Publishers

James Payne 11188

I’ve written about the great offerings and benefits of online book repositories (or digital libraries) like Safari Books Online in the past – as a writer, editor, and all-around book lover, the service is invaluable to me. It saves me time, money, and let’s me preview books before I purchase them, or just grab the information I need without filling my house with a mountain of books. But a repository is only as great as the books it contains, so in this article, I am going to delve into this “digital library” and see just how much content it truly has.


How To Use Safari Books Online

James Payne 12102

This in-depth tutorial follows up on our review of Safari Books Online and shows you, step by step, how to use this valuable online digital library of books and videos to advance your skills – whether you are a programmer, search engine optimizer, or any other technical professional.


Safari Books Online Review

James Payne 13509

Looking for a way to keep up with the latest technology without getting buried under a literal mountain of books? Check out Safari Books Online, a great way to keep you on top of your game without adding any weight to your bookshelves.


Linux World Expo 2004 – New York, New York

Steven Pignataro 32318

Big city, big places, big expos, big experience. Linux World Expo did it again this year in New York, supplying thousands of locals as well as world wide travelers with another great expo held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, New York. LWE was not just a company product showcase, but more about growth with the Open Source solution Linux. In this article I discuss the different companies that attended LWE this year.


Zend IDE Review

Sterling Hughes 64664

This week we'll be reviewing Zend's IDE + Debugger combination, which as the name suggests provide a complete development environment for PHP. While the IDE and Debugger are separate products, they really depend on each other so much, that we'll treat them as one complete product in this review.


Zend Encoder Review

Sterling Hughes 60517

This week we cover the Zend Encoder, a program which allows for you to distribute encoded versions of your software, therefore protecting your intellectual property and making sure that your licenses are upheld. First we go over exactly what the encoder does and a little bit of how it works, and then I'll move on to cover the open source alternative(s) and finally, give our humble opinion on the product.


Zend Cache Review

Sterling Hughes 94520

This week we will cover the Zend Cache, A script caching mechanism from Zend which will save pre-compiled versions of PHP scripts in order to avoid having to re-compile them every time, resulting in huge performance benefits. First we will go over the strengths and weaknesses of Zend's Cache and then we will move onto comparing the Zend Cache to other, open-source, free cache's.


Zend LaunchPad Review

Sterling Hughes 43809

Recently Zend, the company behind the scripting engine that powers PHP, released a group of tools designed to make PHP programming and execution better, faster, and more reliable. This review covers one of these new products, Zend LaunchPad™, a quality assured packaged version of PHP. Is it really worth the price?

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