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Python is an open source, interpreted, interactive programming language. Like Perl, it uses automatic memory management. Designed for simplicity and clarity, it is a good choice for large programs. It is frequently used as a dynamic programming language for application development and scripting. If youíre interested in discovering how Pythonís flexibility can help you get your job done, youíve come to the right place.

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Python Email Libraries, part 1: POP3

Michael Swanson 155396

Some very useful business software connects with and interacts with email in various ways. If you are building or working with such software, you might want to know how Python accomplishes these tasks. This article series discusses how to use the email libraries built into Python. In this first part, POP3 is covered.


String Manipulation

Peyton McCullough 1377872

Programmers need to know how to manipulate strings for a variety of purposes, regardless of the programming language they are working in. This article will explain the various methods used to manipulate strings in Python.


A Brief Look at Mod_Python

Peyton McCullough 92620

Python's Apache interpreter is available as an Apache module, mod_python. This module reduces the time it takes to deliver a given page to a client. It is also capable of a great deal more, including interacting with Apache itself in various powerful ways. This article gives you just a taste of what mod_python can do.


Basic IRC Tasks

Peyton McCullough 35479

Following up on an earlier DevShed article covering the basics of Python and Internet Relay Chat, this article takes some common IRC tasks, such as listing the users in a given channel or manipulating a channel's modes, and shows how to turn them into Pyton code.


Basic Threading in Python

Peyton McCullough 1935353

If you want your application to perform several tasks at once, you can use threads. Python can handle threads, but many developers find thread programming to be very tricky. Among other points, Peyton McCullough covers how to spawn and kill threads in this popular language.


Introduction to Jython

Peyton McCullough 89112

Java and Python -- each have their advantages and disadvantages. What is a programmer to do if he wants ease, efficiency, and power? Believe it or not, there is a solution -- a way to merge both languages and get the best of both worlds. Read on to find out how it works.


Python and IRC

Peyton McCullough 185957

IRC is becoming an increasingly popular medium for communication. In this article, Peyton McCullough explains how to make Python and IRC work together.


Object Orientation in Python

Peyton McCullough 133347

Python is a very object-oriented language, which makes it easy to work with. For those of you who may not be familiar with the concept of object-oriented programming languages, Peyton provides a complete, easy-to-understand explanation, and then gives a number of examples that illustrate how object orientation works in Python.


File Management in Python

Peyton McCullough 844861

File management is a basic function, and an important part of many applications. Python makes file management surprisingly easy, especially when compared to other languages. Peyton McCullough explains the basics.


Sockets in Python

Peyton McCullough 456363

Sockets are the lead pipes of computer networks: they let you connect with other devices so that information can flow freely. As you might expect, they're widely used on the Internet. Peyton McCullough explains how to code sockets in Python.


How Python Runs Programs

O'Reilly Media 122642

Python is a language and an interpreter that executes other programs. Get a quick look at program execution, how to launch code and how Python runs it. This chapter is from Learning Python, second edition, by Mark Lutz and David Ascher (ISBN: 0-596-00281-5, O'Reilly, 2003).


Python on the Web

Mark Lee Smith 139928

Pythonís flexible nature means it can bend to almost any application you can imagine and web development is no exception. This article covers simple form handling and creating cookies and presents an example using everything demonstrated.


Imagine Python

Mark Lee Smith 63941

Quite a cryptic title, but if you havenít guessed, were talking about Images. This being a Python article thatís what we're using! If youíve never thought about it, or -- even better -- if you didnít know it was possible then youíre in for a nice surprise; not only can Python do this but itís pretty good at it, too. Actually, Python works well with graphics in general, but for now weíre sticking to the 2D kind.


Python UnZipped

Mark Lee Smith 129960

pythonPython is a great choice for anyone wanting to play with the increasingly popular ZIP or GZIP (not covered here) file formats, and as usual Python makes it surprisingly fun/easy! Don't believe me? In this article we'll look at creating, extracting, and adding to Zip archives using Pythons standard zipfile module and defining a set of functions you can use with your own Zip files; ending with an example which recursively scans a Zip file and sub-archives.


The Python Web Services Developer: Part 3

Mike Olson and Uch... 20532

Continuing their example of a Web service for storing and managing software, Uche Ogbuji and Mike Olson illustrate how to update the repository using SOAP messages and how to advertise it as a Web service.

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