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Perl, or Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is an open source programming language. It is often used for creating CGI programs and other web scripts. It was specifically designed for processing text, which makes it useful when writing web forms. If you want to use this popular programming language to help you process piles of text through your website, you’ve come to the right place.

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Perl 101 (part 8) - Putting It To The Test

Vikram Vaswani and... 42406

In the concluding article in the Perl 101 series, everythingyou've learnt so far is put to the test when you develop some real-worldCGI applications - a counter, a guest book and a form mailer.


Perl 101 (part 7) - CGI Basics

Vikram Vaswani and... 39298

After spending the past few months understanding Perl'svariables, operators and functions, it's time to start writing Perlprograms for the Web. This week, Perl 101 introduces you to the basics ofCGI scripting, and also teaches you how to use a new type of Perl variable,the hash.


Perl 101 (part 6) - The Perl Toolbox

Vikram Vaswani and... 61813

This time, Perl 101 visits some of Perl's more useful in-builtfunctions, and teaches you the basics of pattern matching and substitution.Also included is a list of common string and math functions, together withexamples of how to use them.


Perl 101 (Part 5) - Sub-Zero Code

Vikram Vaswani and... 45016

This week, Perl 101 introduces you to subroutines and teaches youhow to structure your code for maximum reusability. Also included: returnvalues, my() and local() constructs, and a marriage proposal.


Beginning Perl

Dev Shed 60771

This excerpt is from Wrox's book Beginning Perl. It covers the entirety of Chapter 5 - Regular expressions. Buy this book on Amazon.com now!


Perl 101 (Part 4) - Mind Games

Vikram Vaswani and... 57714

This week's article teaches you how to use Perl to interact withfiles on your system, and also provides you with a quick crash course invarious array functions.


Perl 101 (Part 3) - Looping The Loop

Vikram Vaswani and... 47211

Part 3 in our continuing series on the popular scripting language, Perl. This week's article teaches you more about Perl's controlstructures - including the FOR and WHILE loops - and also introduces you toPerl's array variables.


Perl 101 (Part 2) - Of Variables And Operators

Vikram Vaswani and... 47225

Now that you've got the basics of the language down, this secondarticle in the series teaches you about Perl's variables and operators, andalso introduces you to conditional expressions.


Perl 101 (Part 1) - The Basics

Vikram Vaswani and... 85886

Known as much for its confusing, often oddball, syntax as for itsefficiency and speed, Perl has a mystique that very few languages canmatch. This first article in a new series gives novice and intermediateprogrammers an introduction to the basics of the language.

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