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Perl, or Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is an open source programming language. It is often used for creating CGI programs and other web scripts. It was specifically designed for processing text, which makes it useful when writing web forms. If you want to use this popular programming language to help you process piles of text through your website, you’ve come to the right place.

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String Processing with Perl

Harish Kamath, (c)... 577653

Perl has always been known for its text processing and manipulation abilities. This article examines the Perl string handling API in greater detail, explaining how you can use Perl's string functions to (among other things) print and format strings, split and join string values, alter string case, and perform regular expression searches.


Introduction to mod_perl (part 6): Even More Perl Basics

Stas Bekman 30679

This article is a third one in a series talking about the essentialPerl basics, that you should know before starting to program formod_perl.


Introduction to mod_perl (part 5): More Perl Basics

Stas Bekman 34995

In this article we continue to talk about the essential Perl basics,that you should know before starting to program for mod_perl.


Socket Programming in PERL

Rahul Chauhan 691875

In this article, Rahul shows us how to create a client-server socket program in Perl and then demonstrates it by pinging the server.


Introduction to mod_perl (part 4): Perl Basics

Stas Bekman 69155

Now that you have mod_perl installed, you can move on to learning how to use it. This article will run you through some basic Perl concepts to start with.


Parsing a Querystring With Perl

Jeff Pinyan 67718

Having trouble parsing a querystring with Perl? If so, then Jeff's step-by-step guide will save you headaches and have you up and running in no time!


Introduction to mod_perl (part 3): Non-privileged Install

Stas Bekman 28651

You know how to get mod_perl up and running on servers where you are a privileged user, but on machines where you are not privileged, it's a bit trickier. Let this article be your guide.


Using Perl With WDDX

icarus, (c) Melonf... 44581

Think there's no such thing as platform independence? Thinkagain. This article introduces you to WDDX, a platform-neutral way toexchange data structures across the Web, and shows you how you can putit to work using the Perl WDDX module.


Writing Secure CGI Scripts

Pete Smith 41053

One area often overlooked in CGI programming is security. In this article Pete looks at common flaws in CGI scripts and how to fix them with Perl's taint mode, by filtering user input and more.


Introduction to mod_perl (part 2): mod_perl Quickstart

Stas Bekman 50312

Last week you found out all sorts of good things about mod_perl, but you may be wondering how you get started using it. Let this article be your guide.


Perl 101: The email form

Pete Smith 56305

Never worked with Perl but always wondered how it works? In this article Pete starts from scratch, explaining everything we need to know to code, test and implement a "mail me" script with Perl. He shows us how to setup the form, how to use the CGI module, and also how to pipe commands directly to sendmail. If you've never worked with Perl before, then this article is exactly what you need to get you started!


Web Mining with Perl

Tommie Jones 422062

It is common knowledge that the Internet is a great data source. It is alsocommon knowledge that it is difficult to get the information you want in the format you need. No longer.


Using Perl With XML (part 2)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 111402

They say there's more than one way to skin a cat - and that'stwice as true when you're a Perl developer. In this concluding article onXML parsing with Perl, find out how the XML::DOM package provides analternative technique for manipulating XML elements and attributes, andcompare the two approaches to see which one works best for you.


Using Perl with XML (part 1)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 236892

Converted your little black book into XML, and don't know what to do next? This article gets you started on the path to being an XML guru, demonstrating how to use Perl's SAX parser to parse and convert your XML into Web-friendly HTML.


Carping About DBI

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 42550

One of the nice things about Perl is the huge amount of free codeout there. Available in the form of modules, this code can simplify manycommon tasks while simultaneously offering a powerful toolkit for theexperienced developer. In this article, learn about two of the most popularPerl modules: DBI, used for database connectivity, and Carp, used tosimplify error handling.

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