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Perl, or Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is an open source programming language. It is often used for creating CGI programs and other web scripts. It was specifically designed for processing text, which makes it useful when writing web forms. If you want to use this popular programming language to help you process piles of text through your website, you’ve come to the right place.

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Perl Lists: More Functions and Operators

James Payne 17227

We left off covering the splice() function, which can be used for adding and removing elements from a list. We also spoke about four other functions: pop(), push(), shift(), and unshift(), which are all similar to the splice() function, just not as flexible. In this article, we'll start out by discussing the splice() function in more detail, and learning how to remove more than one element in a list.


SELECT Queries and Perl

Apress Publishing 18888

In this third part of a four-part series on Perl and DBI, you will learn about using SELECT queries to get information from databases. This article is excerpted from chapter 15 of the book Beginning Perl (Apress; ISBN: 159059391X).


Perl Lists: More on Manipulation

James Payne 23162

In our last article we talked about lists, going somewhat in-depth on their capabilities. We talked about creating them, printing from them, and even used a slicing technique to add and remove from our lists. In this article we will start off looking at more traditional ways to add and remove from a list, and move on from there.


Creating a Database with Perl and DBI

Apress Publishing 52837

In this second part of a four-part series on Perl and the DBI, you'll learn how to create a database and how to use a collection of very important commands. This article is excerpted from chapter 15 of the book Beginning Perl by James Lee (Apress; ISBN: 159059391X).


Perl: Sailing the List(less) Seas

James Payne 12473

People love lists. Everywhere you look you see them. On magazines, on television. They're everywhere; you can't escape. In this article and the ones that follow, I am going to teach you to blend in with the crowd by using Perl to create lists, multidimensional lists, and hashes, and furthermore, I'll show you how to manipulate each of them.


Perl and DBI

Apress Publishing 35112

Databases are a mission-critical part of any company's resources. If you program in Perl, you'll want to learn about the DBI, which can help you connect to many popular databases. This article, the first part of a series, is excerpted from chapter 15 of the book Beginning Perl (Apress; ISBN: 159059391X).


Perl: Concatenating Text and More

James Payne 177384

This marks the finale of our coverage of text in Perl (until we get into some more of the advanced Perl features at any rate). We left off with the here document and how to use it to display text exactly as we type it in, using a Mark Twain poem that he had written for his daughter's tombstone (which interestingly enough was a rewrite of another poet's poem). We also learned a little bit about ASCII and the values as they pertain to text, showcasing the 93 visible characters.


Perl Text: Quoting Without Quote Marks

James Payne 38726

In our last article we introduced you to using text in Perl. By the time we were done, there was text everywhere. But that's okay. In this tutorial we will learn to clean that text up and put it in its place. So roll up those sleeves and prepare to get organized. No more sloppy text for you!


Perl: Releasing Your Inner Textuality

James Payne 13252

There are lots of way to express yourself, but with programming languages the simplest way to do that is usually text. This tutorial will walk you through ways to make text work for you in Perl. It's the first of a three-part series, and since (as usual) we have a lot of ground to cover, let's get started.


Perl: Appending and Writing to Files

James Payne 235604

In our last tutorial we left off on the topic of creating files and manipulating the data therein. In this article we will discuss how to append to a file and how to write to a file. If there is time, we will also discuss working with file checks.


Perl: Working with Files

James Payne 41340

In our last series of tutorials we worked with Conditionals and Loops to create some basic Perl programs. This time around we are going to be working with files. Text files, CGI files, PL files, boiled files, fried files, Files Benedict, steamed Files. Okay, so I was kidding about the steamed Files.


Perl Conditionals

James Payne 21004

While Perl truly is the programming language of the slacker, the bored, and the (okay I'll say it with great lamentation) creative, it is also a harsh mistress. But let's face it: as a computer programmer, you are luck to have a mistress at all. So chin up. Perl doesn't just freely give you love. There are conditions, or, more precisely, conditionals, which is the topic of this fourth part in a series.


Perl: More on Data Types and Operators

James Payne 16891

So, when we last left off, I left you lost in a tumultuous sea of data types, variables, and strings. Fortunately for you, you have the black Perl, the world's fastest ship and a magical compass to point you in the right direction. So let's prepare to sail, er, study, and mind the shoals.


Beginning Programming Perl(s)

James Payne 29245

In the last article, you learned how to install Perl. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to install it on your computer if you never did anything with it, now would it? In this article, you'll take your first steps to becoming part of a wild and crazy breed -- a Perl programmer.


Perl: Installing It

James Payne 17743

Possessed of a name that stands for "Practical Extraction and Report Language" -- or maybe not -- Perl has expanded from its humble beginnings to let users perform a wide variety of tasks. Before you can use it to do any of those tasks, however, you must install it. That is the focus of this article, the first in a series that will teach you the basics of Perl programming.

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