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PHP is an open-source, server-side scripting language used primarily for web development on Apache and the usual programming language in a LAMP environment. You can learn PHP programming with the content, tutorials and PHP help and tutorial examples from Dev Shed. The PHP language lets programmers create web pages with dynamic content that can interact with databases and provides an object-oriented structure via php5 for developers. This makes it very popular for developing any web based software applications. If youíre looking for PHP answers, look no further. You have it right here and in our PHP forums.

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PHP Service Layers: User Services

Alejandro Gervasio 12978

In this fifth installment of the series, I will finally implement a fully functional user service. This additional layer will use the functionality of a mapper to run CRUD functions on user entities, as well as retrieve these domain objects in XML format.


PHP Service Layers: Handling Entity Collections

Alejandro Gervasio 11238

In this fourth part of the series, I add to the mapping layer of this sample application a couple of additional classes. These new classes will handle collections of entities (and more specifically, user objects).


PHP Service Layers: Database Adapters

Alejandro Gervasio 12898

In this third part of a series, I will extend the functionality of the sample application by adding an easily customizable data access layer to it. Implementing this structure will be a fairly straightforward process. Its building blocks will include a simple segregated interface along with a basic MySQL adapter.


PHP Services Layers: Data Mappers

Alejandro Gervasio 16883

In this second part of a series on PHP services layers, I add a couple of data mappers to our sample application. These data mappers will allow us to bridge the domain model with the data access layer. With this addition, we're one step closer to implementing a fully-functional user service.


PHP Service Layers: Modeling Domain Objects

Alejandro Gervasio 27046

In this first part of a series, I introduce you to what a service layer is and how to use it in conjunction with an MVC stack. While you donít need to use one in every possible case, a service layer can be of great help in interfacing sections of an application with multiple client layers.


MongoDB: Inserting, Updating and Deleting Documents

Alejandro Gervasio 27038

This final chapter in a three-part series will teach you how to insert, update, and delete documents from a collection using MongoDB and PHP.


MongoDB: Working with Documents and Collections

Alejandro Gervasio 14981

This article continues our look at MongoDB. This time, we will be showing you how to count and retrieve documents from a collection.


MongoDB: A Free Document-Oriented Database

Alejandro Gervasio 19935

This tutorial will show you how to use MongoDB with PHP as an alternate database choice.


PHP: Applying the Law of Demeter

Alejandro Gervasio 12153

In this second part of a two-part series, we will be learning how to apply the Law of Demeter in PHP.


PHP and the Law of Demeter

Alejandro Gervasio 24950

In this PHP programming tutorial, we will be looking at the Law of Demeter and learn how to avoid violating its strict rules.


PHP: Addings Images to Wordpress PDFs

Codex-M 9046

In this programming tutorial, you will be learning how to use PHP and the R&OS PDF class to convert Wordpress posts to pdf's without losing article images in the process.


Simple and Secure PHP Login Script

Codex-M 355965

This programming tutorial will teach you how to create a simple, yet secure login script utilizing PHP using MySQL and bracing for XSS attack prevention.


How to Benchmark PHP Scripts for Speed

Codex-M 25490

You have no doubt encountered suggestions on how to optimize PHP scripts for speed. These suggestions are carried out from benchmarking results performed by different PHP professionals. This article will illustrate a more accurate and reliable means of doing benchmarking tests to find out if these suggestions can significantly contribute to speed.


PHP Object Oriented Programming using LSP

Alejandro Gervasio 19014

This second look at the Liskov Substitution Principle aims to teach you how to develop better, more powerful PHP applications.


Optimize File Downloading in PHP

Codex-M 29140

Using PHP to serve downloadable content is more efficient, secure, and flexible than the traditional direct link method (using a hyperlink). In this programming tutorial you will learn some tips to optimize the file downloading process on your website.

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