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PHP is an open-source, server-side scripting language used primarily for web development on Apache and the usual programming language in a LAMP environment. You can learn PHP programming with the content, tutorials and PHP help and tutorial examples from Dev Shed. The PHP language lets programmers create web pages with dynamic content that can interact with databases and provides an object-oriented structure via php5 for developers. This makes it very popular for developing any web based software applications. If you’re looking for PHP answers, look no further. You have it right here and in our PHP forums.

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Swift Mailer's Batchsend Method and Other Features

Alejandro Gervasio 13495

Welcome to the final part of a ten-part series that shows you how to use the Swift Mailer library to build email applications. This final part of the series will explain how to use the batchsend() method, and how to specify the Return-path MIME header within emails.


Embedding Attachments into Email Messages with Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 19214

In this ninth part of a ten-part series, you'll learn how to use a couple of methods provided by Swift Mailer to directly embed attachments into email messages. These can be very helpful when sending newsletters that contain numerous images, which you don’t want to be filtered and discarded by popular web-based email systems such as Hotmail and Yahoo.


Dynamically Attaching Files with Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 18713

In this eighth part of a ten-part series on the Swift Mailer email library, you'll learn how to attach files that have been dynamically generated to an email message. In addition, you'll see how to use Swift Mailer's "setFileName()" method to modify the name of an attachment before it's sent, which speaks for itself about this library's flexibility.


Using Different Paths for Attachments with Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 10609

Welcome to the seventh tutorial of a series on Swift Mailer. Comprised of ten parts, this series introduces you gently to using this thorough PHP5-based email package. It complements the corresponding theory with numerous code samples that you can incorporate into your own PHP applications.


Handling Attachments and Sending HTML Email Messages with Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 19935

In this sixth article of a series I discuss how to handle file attachments and sending HTML email messages with the Swift Mailer library. As you'll soon see, performing these tasks is a very straightforward process.


Sending Blind Carbon Copies with Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 15216

This fifth part of the series expands your background in the Swift Mailer library. You will learn how to use it for sending blind carbon copies of a basic email message to a predefined recipient. The process is as simple as using its "setBcc()" method.


Using Swift Mailer's Cc MIME Header

Alejandro Gervasio 12255

In this fourth part of a series, you will learn how easy it is to send carbon copies of an email message with the Swift Mailer library. The secret is the use of its setCc() method.


Using Sendmail and Mail() with Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 22728

In this third part of the series, I explain how to configure Swift Mailer to work seamlessly with the “sendmail” Unix program and the “mail()” PHP function. This process is extremely straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any trouble understanding how it functions.


Using Different SMTP Transports with Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 18448

In this second part of the series, I develop a couple of examples that demonstrate how easy it is to send email messages by using different SMTP servers, thanks to the versatility provided by the Swift Mailer PHP library.


Introducing Swift Mailer

Alejandro Gervasio 23451

Do you want to build a complex email program in PHP that offers more control than the language's native "mail()" function? You may want to consider using the Swift Mailer email library. This multi-part series will walk you through some of its most useful features.


Speed up Web Page Loading Using Google Page Speed

Codex-M 40526

The easiest way to improve your website's conversions may have less to do with SEO and your content and more to do with how fast your pages load. Internet users have a short attention span, and won't wait for your pages to load when the next site is just a click away. Fortunately, you can fix your web page loading times with the help of Google Page Speed.


Using Recaptcha with AJAX in PHP

Codex-M 44780

With bots getting intelligent enough to read easy versions of captcha, it's time to make your site a little trickier if you want to avoid spam. This article will show you how to set up a PHP web form with AJAX that uses Recaptcha, a more difficult protocol for bots to decipher.


Video Streaming PHP Script Tutorial

Codex-M 338474

One of the most important features in a website is the ability to show videos to your visitors. There are a lot of video hosting solutions nowadays, with YouTube as the most popular. However, due to its popularity, there are lots of services -- even free services -- that let viewers download your video files after you've uploaded them to YouTube. If you need to restrict downloading of your files, keep reading.


Analyzing the Back Link Count from Unique Domains using Yahoo Inbound Links API

Codex-M 14536

Welcome to the conclusion of a three-part series that shows you how to count the back links to your web site from unique domains using the Yahoo Inbound Links API. In the second part you learned how to pass the form variables to PHP using AJAX, process the web form input using PHP, and finally validate the root domain name URL using PHP. In this part, we discuss the details of the Yahoo API PHP script process.


Building a Form to Count Back Links Using Yahoo Inbound Links API

Codex-M 12903

In the first part of this three-part series, you learned the guiding concepts and design for building a PHP web application to count back links from unique domains using the Yahoo Site Explorer API. In this part, we will illustrate, in detail, how to do the programming for the PHP Ajax web form and the validation script.

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