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Learn MySQL or get MySQL Help at DevShed. MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It uses Structured Query Language (SQL). While it is typically run on Linux/UNIX platforms and used with PHP, it can be run on Windows and Mac OS X. If you want to use a fast, reliable, flexible open source RDBMS, we have the MySQL tutorials to get you where you need to go, right here.

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Adding Ordering and Grouping Clauses to the CodeIgniter Library with Method Chaining

Alejandro Gervasio 21559

Welcome to the tenth installment of a series on method chaining in PHP 5. Comprised of twelve tutorials, this series teaches you the key concepts that surround the implementation of chainable methods within PHP classes, and shows how to put them to work to create a custom library for the popular CodeIgniter framework.


Method Chaining: Adding More Selecting Methods to the CodeIgniter Library

Alejandro Gervasio 16382

In this ninth part of an 11-part series on method chaining, I will add three new chainable methods to the custom CodeIgniter model class we built in previous parts. You should find this a straightforward process, especially if you have a decent background in this framework’s database class.


Expanding a Custom CodeIgniter Library with Method Chaining

Alejandro Gervasio 17817

Welcome to the eighth installment of a series on method chaining in PHP 5. With numerous code samples, this series shows you how to define chainable methods within your own PHP classes. Best of all, it teaches you how to implement this powerful programming method in a real-world case: developing an abstract model for the CodeIgniter framework.


Building a CodeIgniter Custom Library with Method Chaining

Alejandro Gervasio 28182

Welcome to the seventh part of a 12-part series on the technique of method chaining in PHP 5. In this part, I will demonstrate how method chaining can be used to develop some core methods of a custom library for CodeIgniter.


Building an E-mini Trading System Using PHP and Advanced MySQL Queries

Codex-M 42495

This article shows illustrative examples of how PHP and some advanced MySQL queries can be used to build an online trading system. For simplicity, we will be featuring one of the most common stock indexes: the S&P 500 index.


Completing the MySQL Class with Method Chaining

Alejandro Gervasio 18176

Among the numerous features provided by PHP 5, there’s one that many developers find appealing. It permits the building of compact and modular programming interfaces. Yes, as you may have guessed, in this specific case I’m talking about method chaining, a programming approach can be easily mastered by those with an average background in the object-oriented paradigm. This is the sixth part of a 12-part series on method chaining.


MySQL Security Tips

Codex-M 43157

If you are a web developer or administrator, aside from administering your web server, you should also be administering your MySQL database in terms of security. This database is open source and is commonly used with the PHP web server scripting language; tons of useful applications are being developed with this kind of setup. This is good, but it opens up issues, which we'll discuss here along with their solutions.


Mastering WHILE Loops for PHP and MySQL

Codex-M 65064

Do you want to learn how to handle PHP WHILE loops? WHILE loops are one of the most powerful features as well as the easiest loop available to any PHP/MySQL developer. They enable us to shorten repetitive tasks for a highly useful application. This tutorial gives examples of WHILE loops in PHP/MySQL that beginner and novice developers can use as a quick reference for building similar loops in their applications.


Designing a MySQL Database: Tips and Techniques

Codex-M 121177

You are planning to develop a PHP web application that needs a MySQL database. Now what? You need to design your MySQL database first. Need a little help? Keep reading.


The Three Most Important MySQL Queries

Codex-M 75094

Doing PHP queries to a MySQL database is one of the most important processes in any web application. This is where data is being fetched from or inserted into the database. If you are a beginning PHP web developer, then learning the most important MySQL queries is essential to your success in dealing with dynamic websites.


Null and Empty Strings

Shikhar Kumar 104159

Anyone who has programmed for any length of time has encountered the concepts of null and empty strings. They are not the same, and confusing the two can cause some serious problems. This article deals with these concepts in the context of PHP and MySQL.


MySQL Server Tuning Tips and Tricks

Barzan "Tony" Antal 69811

Fine-tuning the settings of servers in general requires a strong grasp of the inner workings of the servers and lots of patience. Did we mention patience? Yup, we did. It’s really important to understand that there are no tips that work for all kinds of setups. But thankfully we can talk about some widely known guidelines that can be followed to get the most out of your MySQL servers.


MySQL Query Optimizations and Schema Design

Barzan "Tony" Antal 114420

Performance is something for which we all strive. This applies to the lives of DBAs too, since their first and foremost task is to achieve a high level of performance from their databases. SQL professionals can’t stress enough that spending quality time to optimize both schema design and queries should be considered top priorities. In this article we are going to cover these two.


MySQL Benchmarking Tools and Utilities

Barzan "Tony" Antal 203197

You are reading the second segment of the four-part article series covering MySQL benchmarking concepts and strategies, benchmarking tools and utilities, and the most common query optimizations, design of optimal schemas, and server tuning tips. In this part we will present some of the popular benchmarking and monitoring tools and utilities. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to use and work with each of them.


MySQL Benchmarking Concepts and Strategies

Barzan "Tony" Antal 36678

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source relational database management system (RDBMS). As a result, over ten million installations are spread around the globe. Nevertheless, in reality only a small percentage of those are actually high performance, optimized, and tuned servers. This four-part article series targets the MySQL database and system administrators, covering various strategies to help benchmark and optimize databases, and tune servers to yield an outstanding performance.

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