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Learn MySQL or get MySQL Help at DevShed. MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It uses Structured Query Language (SQL). While it is typically run on Linux/UNIX platforms and used with PHP, it can be run on Windows and Mac OS X. If you want to use a fast, reliable, flexible open source RDBMS, we have the MySQL tutorials to get you where you need to go, right here.

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Gazzang Extends Encryption to More Open Source Databases

Terri Wells 5921

Are you thinking of running a database in the cloud, but worried about security because your database is open source? Gazzang just might have you covered. The cloud computing security firm just announced that it is expanding its ezNcrypt data encryption and security solution to cover more open source databases.


Oracle CFO Resigns

Terri Wells 5672

Database software company Oracle reported that Jeff Epstein, its chief financial officer, has resigned. Epstein became CFO in August of 2008, just nine months before Oracle announced a definitive agreement to acquire Sun, and with it open source database system MySQL.


Oracle Abandons OpenOffice, Focuses on MySQL

Terri Wells 7069

In yet another sign of the changes wrought by its purchase of Sun, Oracle said that it would no longer offer a commercial version of the Open Office productivity suite for sale. The company is not completely giving up on open source software, however.


MySQL 5.6 Hits First Development Milestone Release

Terri Wells 6839

Oracle improved the performance of MySQL with the much-anticipated first development release of MySQL 5.6. This latest version of the open source database features an improved storage engine and other enhancements.


MySQL and Oracle's Sun Fall to SQL Injection Attack

Terri Wells 6578

Proving that no one is immune to security breaches, both MySQL.com and Oracle's Sun.com have fallen to SQL injection attacks. The attackers exposed all the databases on MySQL.com, and compromised two Sun subdomains.


7 MySQL Command-line Tool Tips

Codex-M 46500

This tutorial will introduce you to seven MySQL command-line tool tips that help increase your productivity and skills using the command-line method. These are written with beginners in mind, but can still be applied by any MySQL user.


MySQL 5.5 Update Features

Dev Shed 31403

Oracle, the parent company of MySQL through their Sun Microsystems purchase, has announced the release-ready update for MySQL 5.5. This release promises performance gains of up to 360% for read/write on Linux platforms and over 600% on Windows Servers. Read on for a list of the new MySQL features for both Windows and Linux in the GA release.


MySQL Command Line and SSH: Importing and Exporting Database

Codex-M 35271

There are times when using a GUI-based client, such as phpMyAdmin, for managing MySQL databases is not enough. Limitations include issues with importing databases and lack of security for MySQL sessions. You can get around these limitations if you're willing to use the command line. This article introduces the use of the command line in MySQL management.


Back Up a MySQL Database Using PHP and Cron Job

Codex-M 57248

This is a tutorial for automatically doing MySQL database backups using PHP and cron job. This will be helpful for beginners who find it complex to do backups on a periodic basis.


Abstracting Access to MySQL for an MVC-Based Framework in PHP 5

Alejandro Gervasio 36807

In this third part of the series, I further enhance the functionality of this sample MVC framework by adding a class to it that takes care of interacting with MySQL in a simple manner. You’ll see the importance of this abstraction class when I show you the definition of the corresponding model, which will aggregate an instance of “MySQL” to handle the data layer very easily.


Plan a Good Database

Gabor Bernat 43128

Organize a collection of data somehow for later usage and you will get a database. In the last couple of years, with the spread of the Internet, databases have become something you will come across everywhere on the World Wide Web. Most websites have a strong database behind them. With this phase of the web's evolution, if you work in software development, eventually you will need to create and plan a database from scratch. This article is here to teach you and show you what traits a solid plan should have.


Using SSH in HeidiSQL and MySQL Query Browser: Encrypting Sessions

Codex-M 33008

Using a MySQL GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes it easier, more efficient and user-friendly to work with a MySQL database. The two most popular MySQL GUIs, HeidiSQL and MySQL Query Browser, have their default connections to any MySQL server “unencrypted.” This is a problem, but we're going to fix it; just keep reading.


MySQL in SSH: Basic Guide

Codex-M 127712

There are some hosting companies that do not offer an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) environment for MySQL. It is important to have an SSL environment for MySQL, because your sessions are protected with “encryption.” Fortunately, if you can't get SSL with your hosting company, there is an alternative: SSH.


Building a Sample Application with Method Chaining and CodeIgniter

Alejandro Gervasio 23580

Definitely, building chainable class methods with PHP 5 is a process that can be mastered with minor effort, even for developers with only an average level of experience in using the object-oriented paradigm. Therefore, if you're a passionate PHP programmer who wishes to learn the key concepts that surround the implementation of method chaining in a painless fashion, then this group of articles is what you need.


Completing a CodeIgniter Library with Method Chaining

Alejandro Gervasio 21266

In this eleventh part of a 12-part series on method chaining, I will finish building the custom CodeIgniter library we've been working on by adding to it some very useful features. When we're done, the library will be able to autoload a specified model and validate input data.

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