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Learn MySQL or get MySQL Help at DevShed. MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It uses Structured Query Language (SQL). While it is typically run on Linux/UNIX platforms and used with PHP, it can be run on Windows and Mac OS X. If you want to use a fast, reliable, flexible open source RDBMS, we have the MySQL tutorials to get you where you need to go, right here.

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How to Stop SQL Injection Attacks

wubayou 19265

Security vendor Imperva recently released its latest Hacker Intelligence Initiative report that details the problems associated with the growing presence of SQL injection attacks. As written in the company’s blog post, “SQL injection is the most pernicious vulnerability in human computer history.”


New Defragmentation Solution for SQL Server

wubayou 6233

Idera, a Houston-based Microsoft Gold Partner and provider of management and administration tools for Microsoft SQL Server, PowerShell, and SharePoint, recently announced the release of SQL defrag manager v3.0.


Comparison of MyISAM and InnoDB MySQL Databases

Alejandro Gervasio 31941

In this MySQL database engine comparison article, we look at the features offered by MyISAM and InnoDB.


MySQL Left and Right Joins

Alejandro Gervasio 51536

In this MySQL database tutorial, you will learn how to perform LEFT and RIGHT joins using a sample database and some hands-on examples.


Understanding MySQL Joins

Alejandro Gervasio 23686

In this MySQL tutorial, you will learn how to use the full, inner, left, and right joins.


MySQL REPLACE Statement and the UNIQUE Clause

Alejandro Gervasio 14149

In this database programming tutorial, you will be using the REPLACE statement and the UNIQUE clause to avoid duplicate records.


Backup and Restore a MySQL Database

Codex-M 41191

This is a beginner tutorial that will show you how to perform MySQL backups and restoration.


Avoiding Duplicate Records in MySQL

Alejandro Gervasio 27280

In this MySQL database tutorial, you will be learning how to avoid duplicate records using "Primary Key" and the "Insert Ignore" SQL statement.


Working with User Models in PHP and MySQL

Alejandro Gervasio 15368

Being one of the big pillars of Object-Oriented Design, The Interface Segregation Principle (ISP) permits you to define fine-grained contracts that provide client classes with the functionality to perform a set of well-defined tasks. As with other SOLID principles (Single responsibility, Open-closed, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation and Dependency inversion), ISP is language-agnostic, meaning that it can be applied in several programming languages, including PHP.


Creating User Models in PHP and MySQL

Alejandro Gervasio 19269

In this fourth part of a programming tutorial series, you will learn how to create a user model in PHP and MySQL using segregated interfaces.


Xeround Announces Cloud Service for MySQL

wubayou 5746

Cloud database company Xeround has just announced the official release of its new cloud database service for MySQL applications. The official release comes after a nine month beta period that began in September of last year. During that time, approximately 2,000 users tested the service through various environments, including live production.


Learn MySQL at User Conferences

Terri Wells 5891

If you want to improve your MySQL skills and happen to be in the UK or Germany in June and July, there are two conferences coming up that you'll want to know about. Both cover some excellent ways to improve MySQL's performance.


Percona Live MySQL Conference Reaches New York

Terri Wells 5278

If you're in New York City this Thursday, live and breathe MySQL, and have about $249 to spare, you'll want to check out Percona Live NYC 2011. This regional conference features MySQL experts talking on such topics as performance, high availability, backups, operations, computing, full-text search, and many more.


5 Great MySQL Tools

wubayou 22944

Are you looking for some quality tools that can help you manage your MySQL databases efficiently? Here are five such tools that offer plenty of features to make your life as it relates to databases that much easier.


Custom Session Management Using PHP and MySQL

ManiacDan 66040

In this PHP programming tutorial, we will look at how to create and manage your own custom sessions using LAMP with MySQL and PHP as the session storage engine.

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