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Learn MySQL or get MySQL Help at DevShed. MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It uses Structured Query Language (SQL). While it is typically run on Linux/UNIX platforms and used with PHP, it can be run on Windows and Mac OS X. If you want to use a fast, reliable, flexible open source RDBMS, we have the MySQL tutorials to get you where you need to go, right here.

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Continuent and SkySQL Form Partnership, Hadoop News

wubayou 9335

The MySQL community received some good news recently, as Continuent, a provider of MySQL replication and clustering solutions, and SkySQL, a provider of affordable MySQL database solutions, announced a newly-formed partnership.


Oracle Releases MySQL Cluster 7.2

wubayou 1259339

Oracle recently took another step forward towards the improvement of MySQL with the release of MySQL Cluster 7.2. The release comes chock full of improvements that further enhance MySQL Cluster’s core characteristics of offering low latency, high write scalability, and so-called “99.999% availability” in a cost-effective manner.


Cloudera Named Enterprise Hadoop Leader

wubayou 8117

Cloudera’s claim as the industry leader in Apache Hadoop-based solutions was recently solidified even further by a new report released by Forrester Research. Dubbed “Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2012,” the February 2012 report names Cloudera as the king of enterprise Hadoop providers.


Xeround Releases Free Version of MySQL Cloud Database

wubayou 8602

Xeround releases a free version of its cloud database for MySQL while SkySQL and MariaDB host a new SQL training event. Click on the link to find out more!


Oracle Announces New MySQL Specialization

wubayou 5618

Oracle announced the expansion of its Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized program with the addition of a MySQL Specialization. MySQL holds the distinction of being the word’s most popular open-source database offering, boasting a customer base of over 3,000 independent software vendors, original equipment manufacturers, and value-added resellers. Oracle’s latest creation of the MySQL Specialization reaffirms the company’s commitment to increasing the appeal and presence of the MySQL platform.


Constant Contact Chooses SkySQL for MySQL Support

wubayou 35533

Constant Contact, a provider of marketing services to over 450,000 businesses worldwide, recently announced the selection of SkySQL as its go-to choice for MySQL-related support, software, and other services.


Revoke Statement in MySQL

Alejandro Gervasio 17049

In this article I show you how to work with the REVOKE MySQL statement. It can be used for removing the privileges assigned via its counterpart GRANT, in either the global, database or table scope.


The Grant Statement in MySQL

Alejandro Gervasio 10116

In this article, I'll introduce you to what the MySQL GRANT statement is, and how it can be used to assign all sorts of privileges to a given user, based on different scopes and conditions.


SuccessBricks Announces ClearDB Availability for Heroku

wubayou 5289

SuccessBricks, Inc., a global provider of enterprise and cloud-based software solutions, announced the availability of its ClearDB database-as-a-service as an add-on for Heroku, a widely-used cloud application platform. With the move, Heroku developers around the world can enjoy the luxury of having ClearDB’s noted power, affordability, reliability, and high availability of its MySQL database service at their fingertips.


Building a PHP ORM: Deploying a Blog

Alejandro Gervasio 21815

In this conclusion to a three-part tutorial, you'll see that implementing a customizable ORM using modern development techniques is a fairly straightforward process. We'll use the dependency injection technique, the data mapper pattern and a domain model. This powerful combination allows you to easily manipulate relationships between entities.


TROSYS Launches Free MySQL Manager and Admin Tool

wubayou 8297

India-based TROSYS Technologies recently announced the availability of TroSQL Free 1.10, a MySQL manager and admin tool that comes equipped with a full set of features that can be employed by a wide variety of users, including database administrators, database architects, software and web developers, corporate database research and development departments, testers, as well as institutes of higher learning and students.


Building an ORM in PHP: Domain Modeling

Alejandro Gervasio 18893

If you feel that the features provided by popular ORM packages like Doctrine 2.x or RedBeanPHP are rather like overkill for handling the relationships between the domain objects that comprise your applications, then take a peek at this tutorial. In a step-by-step fashion, you’ll be guided through the development of a simple, extendable ORM, which you’ll be able to tweak to suit your personal requirements and needs.


Building an ORM in PHP

Alejandro Gervasio 54926

In this first part of the tutorial, I implement the base functionality of a custom ORM (object relational mapper) using PHP.


MySQL Leads Open Source Market, Gets Cluster Support

wubayou 5175

Jelastic, a company that specializes in providing Java hosting platform solutions in the cloud, recently released data showing the open source database preferences of approximately 1,000 of its users. The data, while limited in its sample size, shows that MySQL is the open source database king amongst its peers.


Oracle Announces Milestone Release for MySQL

wubayou 4679

MySQL VP of engineering Tomas Ulin used a keynote speech at last week’s OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco to announce the availability of a second development milestone release (DMR) for MySQL 5.6 and MySQL Cluster 7.2. According to Ulin, the releases are a perfect example of Oracle’s dedication to increasing MySQL’s feature set and stability.

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