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Learn MySQL or get MySQL Help at DevShed. MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It uses Structured Query Language (SQL). While it is typically run on Linux/UNIX platforms and used with PHP, it can be run on Windows and Mac OS X. If you want to use a fast, reliable, flexible open source RDBMS, we have the MySQL tutorials to get you where you need to go, right here.

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Using Transactions In MySQL (Part 2)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 172756

mysqlThis concluding segment looks at the MySQL transactional model in a multi-user scenario, illustrating some of the data corruption problems that are likely to arise and explaining how to control them using MySQL's various isolation levels. It also includes a sample Perl application demonstrating transaction usage at the application level, and shows you how to emulate transactions with non-transactional MyISAM tables.


Using Transactions In MySQL (Part 1)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 473041

mysqlOne of the most-requested MySQL features - transactions - is finally available in MySQL 4.0. In this first segment of a two-part article, learn about the theory behind the transactional model, find out how it can make your SQL applications more robust, and find out how to implement a transactional environment with MySQL's InnoDB table handler.


Using Subqueries In MySQL (part 2)

RK Harigopal, (c) ... 106166

In this concluding segment of our MySQL subquery tutorial, find out how to do more with subqueries, including check for matching values with the IN operator, check for valid result sets with the EXISTS operator, derive new "virtual" tables for use in the FROM clause of outer queries, and UPDATE and DELETE records selectively.


Using Subqueries In MySQL (part 1)

RK Harigopal, (c) ... 213889

One of the most powerful new features in MySQL 4.1 is subqueries, which make it possible to nest multiple SQL queries within each other. This introductory segment of a two-part tutorial demonstrates how to use this new feature to build sophisticated data retrieval queries, illustrating (among other things) how to use subqueries in WHERE and HAVING clauses, with comparison and logical operators, with aggregate functions, and with inner, left, right and self joins.


Date Arithmetic With MySQL

icarus, (c) Melonf... 413204

When dealing with date and time values, one of the more common (and complex) tasks involves performing addition and subtraction operations on these values. However, with MySQL's powerful date and time API taking care of all the minor adjustments for you, manipulating date and time data is no longer the tedious and time-consuming process it used to be. Find out why, inside.


Transferring Data to MySQL Using SQLyog

Insanely Great 47969

Need any easy way to import data from your ODBC-compliant database into MySQL? Look no further than SQLyog's ODBC Import tool. Read all about it inside.


Understanding SQL Joins

The Disenchanted D... 762944

Left join. Right join. Inner join. If you've ever wondered what all this jargon means, it's time to find out. Welcome to the wild, the wacky, the insanely cool world of SQL joins.


The Perfect Job (part 2)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 29120

In the first part of this article, you built the architecturenecessary to accept and store resumes online. In this concluding part, findout how to make use of the stored data to find suitable candidates for aparticular job, and also read about the functions available to maintain andupdate the job listings.


The Perfect Job (part 1)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 47393

Recruitment - the art of matching qualified applications to openpositions within an organization - is one of the most challenging tasks forany Human Resources department. However, powerful open-source tools likePHP and mySQL have made the process simpler, more efficient and moreeconomical than at any time in the past. This case study demonstrates how,by building a complete job listing and resume management system fromscratch.


MySQL wizardry

Giuseppe Maxia 60336

"I called in the Wizard on a Friday evening. It was almost six p.m. and I was afraid he had already left for the day. Instead, he answered at the first ring. Wizards never go home early. He recognized me and asked how he could help. I told him. He listed patiently, without asking silly questions in between, and finally said 'I think I could provide you with some useful tool. See you in half an hour' and hung up."


Remote Database Table Copier

Stephen Junker 62347

The purpose of this article is to describe the methods used to create the database copying tool, and outline features of the technologies used in its creation. Specifically, focusing on the following topics: MySQL permissions for remote connections; PHP support for simultaneous connections to multiple databases; building dynamic INSERT and CREATE TABLE statements with PHP.


Access Granted

icarus, (c) Melonf... 32888

mySQL comes with a pretty powerful security system, the grant tables, which allows database administrators to precisely control access to databases, tables and even specific rows and columns. In this article, find out how the five grant tables combine to offer power users a tremedous amounts of flexibility and control over database access and operations.



W.J. Gilmore 162898

Learn it from start to finish.Installing MyODBC, creating a new data source through the ODBC Data Source Administrator, linking a MySQL database into a new MS Access database, and finally updating the MySQL database through an MS Access GUI.


Optimizing MySQL

W.J. Gilmore 80142

After reading part one and two of our Database Normalization and MySQL series, we could use a little follow up.In this article, we'll discuss those facets of optimizing a MySQL server that relate directly to it's compilation, configuration and subsequent administration.


Speaking SQL (part 2)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 66593

After learning how to insert and edit data in a database, thesecond part of our SQL tutorial takes an in-depth look at the SELECTquery,and explains how to use joins, sub-queries and built-in functions tofocus in on the data you need.

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