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JavaScript is a scripting language that was created by Netscape. It can be embedded into the HTML of a web page to add functionality, and it doesn’t need to be compiled. It can be used to respond to user actions, run processes locally, or validate data. JavaScript is great for making your website more interactive—and if that’s what you’re looking for, we have plenty of articles to help you get the job done.

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Javascript for Beginners: An Introduction

James Payne 10322

Welcome to the first installment in a series that will teach you how to add Javascript functionality to your website and make your HTML pages more interactive.


Introduction to JavaScript

Joe eitel 46900

JavaScript is an online scripting language that is implemented and works directly with HTML pages. Similar to Flash and ActionScript, JavaScript brings a dynamic nature to web pages that does not require the page to change. Obviously, this functionality is very useful for a wide variety of reasons. JavaScript can make a developer’s life a lot easier in a lot of ways. On the other hand, the various down sides of implementing JavaScript are significant—sometimes too much so.


Learn These 10 Programming Languages

Dev Shed 34826

eWeek recently wrote an article that showed the top 10 programming languages developers should consider focusing on over the next few years. According to Deborah Rothberg, by learning these programming languages, you can not only keep but advance your career.


Adding Elements to a Tree with TreeView jQuery

Alejandro Gervasio 44666

When it comes to building hierarchical menus that will be used as part of web-based navigational interfaces, one of the best solutions available today is a powerful jQuery plug-in called TreeView. This package comes with a number of handy options that allow you to create collapsible trees very quickly by using only a few simple nested HTML lists. This is the conclusion to a six-part series that uses numerous code samples to show you how to master the main features provided by the TreeView library.


Using the Persist Argument in a TreeView jQuery Navigation System

Alejandro Gervasio 36718

Welcome to the fifth episode of a series covering how to build a hierarchical navigation system with the TreeView jQuery plug-in. Comprised of six parts, this series walks you through mastering the main features provided by this plug-in.


Using Unique and Toggle in a TreeView jQuery Hierarchical Navigation System

Alejandro Gervasio 31374

The TreeView jQuery plug-in is a small yet powerful JavaScript application that allows you to build hierarchical navigation systems whose branches can be collapsed and expanded using different animation effects. So if you’re planning to develop a web site that includes a navigation mechanism like this, start reading this series of articles. In it you’ll find a concise guide that will show you how to master the plug-in’s main features, by means of copious hands-on examples. This article is the fourth of six parts.


Using Event Delegation for Mouseover Events in List Items

Alejandro Gervasio 32115

JavaScript-based event delegation is an efficient approach that allows us to reduce the number of event handlers included in a client-side application. This naturally contributes to improving its overall performance and reliability. This technique rests its functionality on the bubbling phase triggered by a specific event. It’s very simple to learn to code in real-world conditions. This article concludes a four-part series on event delegation.


Using the Animate Option in a Treeview jQuery Hierarchical Navigation System

Alejandro Gervasio 33664

Welcome to the third chapter of a series on creating a hierarchical navigation system with the TreeView jQuery plug-in. Made up of six tutorials, this series explores in detail the main features that come packaged with this helpful JavaScript extension. It shows you how to get the most out of it with copious code samples.


Using HTML Lists with Event Delegation in JavaScript

Alejandro Gervasio 31195

Do you enjoy the responsiveness that using event handlers in JavaScript adds to your web site, but feel concerned about the way they can slow down your applications? Fear not; this four-part article series covers event delegation, a technique that can solve this problem in certain situations. This article is the third part of the series.


Opened and Closed Branches on a TreeView jQuery Hierarchical Navigation System

Alejandro Gervasio 36068

If you’re interested in mastering the main features that come bundled with the TreeView jQuery plug-in, start reading this series of articles. In it you’ll find numerous examples that will teach you how to utilize this library to build all sorts of professional-looking navigation trees. This is the second part of a four-part series.


Mouseover Events and Event Delegation in JavaScript

Alejandro Gervasio 32796

Expressed in simple terms, JavaScript event delegation is a smart approach that permits you to reduce the number of event handlers assigned to the elements of a web page by using the bubbling phase of a specific event. With this easy-to-learn technique you can significantly improve the performance of JavaScript applications. This is the second article in a four-part series.


Creating a TreeView JQuery Hierarchical Navigation System

Alejandro Gervasio 122303

Are you interested in adding animation effects to the drop-down menus on your web page, but afraid that it's going to take long hours of painful coding to pull it off? Keep reading. This series of articles will show you how to work some easy magic with the Treeview JQuery plug-in and a simple nested HTML list.


Event Delegation in JavaScript

Alejandro Gervasio 27015

Anyone who has spent a long time building JavaScript applications knows how important event handlers can be for processing certain common user actions, such as mouse clicks, windows and keyboard events, and so forth. However, while event handlers are a powerful feature for creating highly responsive JavaScript programs with relative ease, they have been overused way too frequently. This has implications for how quickly certain kinds of JavaScript programs run. Fortunately, JavaScript event delegation can help solve many of these problems. This four-part series explains how.


A Look at the New YUI Carousel Control

Dan Wellman 43285

The Yahoo! User Interface library continues to grow and expand with new components being added and existing components being continually patched and updated to ensure full x-browser support and cutting-edge functionality. Version 3 of the YUI is due for full release at some point this year, but version 2 (current release 2.6) is at this point still the stable and recommended release for general use.


Working with Draggable Elements and Transparent Handles with the Ext JS Library

Alejandro Gervasio 22198

When it comes to building full-blown web-based interfaces, Ext JS is quite possibly one of the most powerful libraries available nowadays. It's equipped with an impressive set of JavaScript classes that allow you to create all sorts of clever things, ranging from simple yet professional message windows, to desktop-like data grids and shadowed drop-down menus. This third part of a three-part series covers just one of its features, which lets you give interesting abilities to containers.

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