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Sunís versatile Java programming language and the enterprise-strength J2EE allows developers write software on one platform and run it on another. Through DevShed's Java tutorials and J2EE examples, you will learn the finer points of Java Programming and the nuances of the language. Java is very popular for creating games and other programs that run within a web browser. Its uses extend to online forums, stores, HTML forms, and even beyond the web to cell phones and other consumer devices. You'll be able to get advice and Java help from our forums as well.

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The JSP Files (part 5): No Forwarding Address

Vikram Vaswani and... 32906

This week, find out how to connect your JSPs to a database and build dynamic, data-driven Web pages. This primer covers different techniques to select, insert and delete records, and uses a simple Web-based address book to illustrate the Connection, Statement, and ResultSet objects.


The JSP Files (part 4): The Red Pill

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 39209

Now that the basics are done with, it's time to begin applyingthat theory to Web development. This week, The JSP Files investigates theJSP Request object, and demonstrates how it can be used to process formdata. Learn about JSP's array variables, find out what chocolate chipcookies and couch potatoes have in common, and explore a very unusualpharmacy.


Slapping Together A JSP Development Environment

icarus, (c) Melonf... 43866

Deploying a JSP development environment on your workstation cantest even the strongest of wills, since it requires the peacefulco-existence and cooperation of a number of complex software packages. Thistutorial guides you through the process of getting Apache, JServ and Tomcatconfigured, alerts you to some of the problems you're likely to encounter,and briefly discusses Tomcat contexts and JSP-mySQL connections. Coversboth Windows and Linux.


The JSP Files (part 3): Black Light And White Rabbits

Vikram Vaswani and... 27125

This week, learn all about the different types of loops supportedby JSP, and also expand your knowledge of the various String objectmethods. Finally, take a quick tour of the JSP Response object inpreparation for learning how JSP handles form data.


The JSP Files (part 2): Attack Of The Killer Fortune Cookies

Vikram Vaswani and... 26627

The second part of our introductory JSP tutorial discussesarithmetic, logical and comparison operators, together with simple examplesand illustrations. You'll also learn the basics of JSP's numerousconditional expressions, including the "if", "if-else" and "switch"statements, and find out a little more about the String object.


The JSP Files (part 1): Purple Pigs In A Fruitbasket

Vikram Vaswani and... 36845

Get to grips with Java Server Pages with this introductorytutorial and find out how to use one of the more powerful server-sidelanguages around. This first part explains the history and basics of JSPdocuments, and also illustrates variables, includes and the String object.


Using RMI with Apache Jserv

Richard Yumul 52804

One of the greatest advantages which Jserv brings to Apache is ability to leverage the large number of API's available to Java. Remote Method Invocation (RMI) delivers several significant benefits to the servlet solution. The primary benefit of using RMI with servlets is that it significantly expands the variety of datasources which Apache can serve to the browser. Furthermore, RMI's simplifies code on the client side of the RMI connection (the servlet), and also allows for load distribution.


Getting Started with Java Servlets using Apache JServ

Richard M. Yumul 110458

In the quest for more dynamic content, web server technologies have flourished. One particular solution to provide this dynamic content is Java Servlet technology. As a replacement to the traditional CGI script approach, servlets give developers a powerful tool to create web enabled applications. Not only does the servlet solution give developers the ease of using the Java language, it is also offers a more efficient solution in terms of CPU power.

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