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Sunís versatile Java programming language and the enterprise-strength J2EE allows developers write software on one platform and run it on another. Through DevShed's Java tutorials and J2EE examples, you will learn the finer points of Java Programming and the nuances of the language. Java is very popular for creating games and other programs that run within a web browser. Its uses extend to online forums, stores, HTML forms, and even beyond the web to cell phones and other consumer devices. You'll be able to get advice and Java help from our forums as well.

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Java EE 7 Looks to the Cloud

wubayou 17960

Oracle revealed some details regarding its future release of Java Enterprise Edition 7 last week at the Jax conference in San Jose, California. Although many features were leaked, the highlight of the discussion was Java EE 7's PaaS (platform-as-a-service) capabilities for cloud computing. Java EE 7 is slated for release sometime during the third quarter of 2012.


Oracle Seeks Billions from Google Over Patent

wubayou 5950

Google could become billions of dollars poorer in the future, that's if Oracle wins their current patent and copyright infringement lawsuit versus the search engine giant. Last week, Oracle made its claims public in a San Francisco federal court, where the company said it is seeking $6.1 billion dollars from Google. At the heart of the case is Google's Android software that runs on mobile devices, which Oracle says has been using technology related to its Java programming language.


Oracle Java 6 Update Fixes Security Vulnerabilities

wubayou 8239

Oracle released Java 6 Update 26 on June 8. While the update was part of Oracle's regular schedule when it comes to Java releases, it was of particular importance due to the various security vulnerabilities it patched. In all, 17 remote execution vulnerabilities in Java were closed.


RIM Releases New BlackBerry Java SDK

wubayou 13208

In this news recap, we take a peek at two news stories affecting Java: the release of the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0 and Google's performance testing of C++, Java, Scala, and Go.


Oracle Now Offering JRockit for Free

wubayou 8872

Back in September of last year, Oracle announced that it was working on merging its Java HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JRockit JVM. The plan was to take the best features of each implementation and combine them into a single JVM that would take the market by storm. Such a move not only required work in the realm of engineering, but also licensing. In a recent blog post by JRockit's program manager Henrik Stahl, he revealed that the work is finally complete, and the license under which the Oracle (Sun) JDK and JRockit are distributed has been updated. The new license is based on Sun's old Binary Code License that was tied to many Java downloads throughout the years, although it comes with some modifications of its own.


Google App Engine Includes Java Backend

Terri Wells 11061

At its annual I/O conference, Google unveiled the newest release of App Engine, version 1.5.0. The latest edition of its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering features new Backends for both Java and Python.


Beta version of BlackBerry Java SDK v.7.0 Available

wubayou 7235

Research In Motion recently unveiled the two latest additions coming to its smartphone family at the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando in the form of the Bold 9900 and 9930. Expected to be released sometime this summer, these new Bold smartphones will be the first to feature the performance driven BlackBerry 7 OS.


Oracle Scores Legal Points and Jease 2.0 Released

Terri Wells 6823

Java watchers saw a fair bit of Java-related news late last week. First, as Oracle's legal case with Google over the search engine's possible infringement of Java in Android moved forward, the judge appeared to side with Oracle. Second, open source Java-based content management Jease achieved its 2.0 release.


Oracle NetBeans 7 Offers Performance, Options

Terri Wells 7782

In preparation for its upcoming Java 7 language release, Oracle unveiled NetBeans 7, its third release of the platform since purchasing Sun. Designed to support Java 7, NetBeans 7 gives the development community plenty of options in their programming environment.


Oracle Aims to Make Coherence User Friendly

wubayou 13846

In an attempt to keep up with the growing market for distributed data caches, Oracle has vowed to make its Coherence in-memory data grid software more lightweight and user-friendly.


Guardian Drops Java, Google Gobbles Up Gosling

Terri Wells 7624

Is Java losing its mojo? One might think so, after hearing that the Guardian in the UK is switching away from it to make some important site improvements. Meanwhile, Google still thinks Java is important, to judge from its newest hire.


Google App Cloud Adds Tools to Java and Python

James Payne 5608

On March 30th tech giant Google bolstered the toolset available to both Java and Python programmers alike with a new version of its popular Google App Engine.


How to install the JavaFX SDK on Windows

wubayou 18792

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the JavaFX SDK (software development kit) on the Windows operating system.


Oracle Patch Fixes 21 Java Vulnerabilities

wubayou 7321

Oracle recently released Java's Critical Patch Update, or CPU, for February. In other words, if you have not updated Java, now is the time to do so. Oracle only releases CPUs for Java four times per year, and this month's update fixes 21 vulnerabilities. The next CPU is set to be released on June 7, 2011.


Exception Handling Techniques in Java

Barzan "Tony" Antal 120501

Exception handling is one of those programming techniques that beginners often neglect to implement. However, when they end up working on a large project on which dozens of other colleagues are working, they find that you just canít afford to be superficial. Throughout this article weíre going to cover exceptions, explain what they are, how to work with them, and why they are importantóultimately, how to handle them.

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