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Learn the secrets of DOM, Document Object Model, and how you can use DHTML and the DOM to create dynamic html displays. DevShed helps HTML developers turn into dynamic html developers!

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Google Gives Buckyball a Tribute Doodle in HTML5

Dev Shed 14058

Google dedicates a very cool tribute doodle to Buckminster Fuller's Buckyball. Developers, take note...it's all HTML 5.


Rough Guide To The DOM (part 2)

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 49272

Now that you know the theory behind the new DOM, it's time totake off the gloves and get your hands dirty. In this article, find out howthe new rules apply to old favourites like image swaps, form validation andframe navigation, and then learn how to use ordinary JavaScript to add andremove elements from the document tree on the fly.


Rough Guide To The DOM (part 1)

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 59415

It's the bane of Web developers everywhere - conflicting standards, browser incompatibilities, and code that changes every time a new browser version hits the Web. But fear not - charging in on a white steed comes a heroic knight, clad in the attire of the new W3C DOM and armed with the tools to make this nightmare end forever. Read on to find out how the new DOM finally brings some standards to the decidedly non-standard world of the Web.


Filters And Transitions In IE5

icarus, (c) Melonf... 65440

You may not know this, but Internet Explorer 4.x and above hasimage manipulation capabilities similar to those normally found only inimage editing programs like Adobe Photoshop. This article takes a look atIE5's image filters, and demonstrates how they can help you add specialeffects to your images and text on the fly.


Understanding Embedded Fonts

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 50258

Gone are the days when Web sites were designed entirely in Arial Bold and Times New Roman. New embedded font technology allows Web developers to embed fonts directly into a Web page, thereby ensuring that it looks the same on all browsers. This article looks at previous workarounds to the problem, together with Microsoft and Netscape's new and competing approaches to the problem.

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