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It seems as if there is always some new story somewhere about open source software and enterprise systems. With Linux and other open source technologies (such as Firefox) finding their way into more mainstream businesses, and Microsoft trying to fight back, you can bet we’ll keep you covered with some interesting items here as our writers dump out their brains for your reading pleasure.

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Tasty Advertising

Randy Cosby 11146

The past few weeks, I have been spending considerable time thinking about web advertising. Banner advertising is not a strong focus here at DevShed, but I'd like to open up discussion on a few issues. Before I get into a serious discussion, there is one point I must clarify.Al Gore did not invent the Internet.Then why, you may ask, did DevShed create a banner claiming that Al Goreinvented the Internet?


Open Source Web Ready for Prime Time?

Randy Cosby 6180

We've all seen the headlines about Linux over the last few months. It'shot. It's got momentum. Now, the rest of the open source world isbeginning to follow on the coattails of it's poster child. Open source webtechnologies are seeing a huge increase in popularity. But, are they reallyready for primetime?

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