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Apache is a multi-platform open source HTTP web server for BSD, Linux, Unix, and even Windows systems. It is the most popular web server in use, against which all other web servers are compared. It easily handles static and dynamic content, boasts several GUI interfaces, and is highly customizable thanks to the many modules that extend its core functionality. From installing Apache to hardening it against attacks, you can find the Apache information you need right here.

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Configuring and Using Virtual Hosts in Apache

Dan Wellman 639114

Begin creating and managing virtual hosts with Apache with this clear explanation from Dan Wellman. He explains what virtual hosts are and illustrates a basic way of setting up virtual hosts.


Configuring and Using the Apache HTTP Web Server on a Windows XP PC

Dan Wellman 301926

Author Dan Wellman explains what the Apache HTTP web server is and how it acts as a local server so you can test PHP code or CGI scripts you've written to see how they will look live. Wellman concentrates on using it on your desktop PC purely for testing code.


Search Engine Friendly URLs with mod_rewrite

Eric Rosebrock 221040

Tidy up your URL by using mod_rewrite. Not only will this hide the query string, but it will make the URL look more presentable.

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