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Apache is a multi-platform open source HTTP web server for BSD, Linux, Unix, and even Windows systems. It is the most popular web server in use, against which all other web servers are compared. It easily handles static and dynamic content, boasts several GUI interfaces, and is highly customizable thanks to the many modules that extend its core functionality. From installing Apache to hardening it against attacks, you can find the Apache information you need right here.

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Preparing the Workspace for Apache Tapestry

Alexander Kolesnikov 67079

In the previous article of this series I explained, in the historical perspective, why Tapestry is a very attractive and advanced framework for building Java Web applications. Now we are moving from theory to practice. But before doing anything, we need to prepare the workplace.


Apache Tapestry 4 Tutorial

Alexander Kolesnikov 181256

In this article we'll begin by taking a look at servlets and JavaServer Pages, then proceed to learn about the MVC design pattern. After examining the problems these technologies solved, we'll focus on the Tapestry framework, study its advantages, and dispel some prejudices about it. This is the first article in a multi-part series covering Tapestry.


An Introduction to Security Measures in Apache 2.2

Dan Wellman 24799

This article is aimed at giving you a practical and interesting introduction to the two methods of authentication available to you as an administrator of Apache. It is only a first step, and not intended as the only step if you are configuring a commercial web server.


Custom Error Pages with Apache

Dan Wellman 259863

Nobody enjoys seeing an error page. It's worse if the error page gives you little or no information to help you find the page you were trying to reach. Fortunately, there are ways to configure Apache so that your visitors need never feel so abandoned. This article explains how to set up custom error pages with Apache.


Installing and Configuring Apache 2 on a Windows XP Machine

Dan Wellman 451179

Apache 2 represents quite a change from previous versions. If you have set up a previous version of Apache on a Windows XP PC, you will be interested in setting up the new version. Dan Wellman shows how to set up and configure Apache 2 on a Windows XP PC to give you a development environment that will allow you to test your PHP and other dynamic web technologies before taking them live.


Building Apache the Way You Want It

Apress Publishing 285512

Have you ever wanted to customize Apache? This article will help you get started on building a customized version of Apache to suit your own needs. It is taken from chapter three of the book Pro Apache third edition, written by Peter Wainwright (Apress, 2004; ISBN: 1590593006).


Installing Axkit

O'Reilly Media 37613

AxKit combines the power of Perl’s rich and varied XML processing facilities with the flexibility of the Apache web server. But instead of using a monolithic package, it takes a more modular approach. This allows developers great flexibility in choosing what lower-level packages they want, but it can mean a more lengthy and complicated installation process. This article comes from chapter two of the book XML Publishing with AxKit by Kip Hampton (O'Reilly, 2004; ISBN: 0596002165).


Logging in Apache

Apress Publishing 625588

Administrators need keep regular tabs on their Web servers to make they are running smoothly, so that their clients don't meet with any unpleasant surprises. Logging helps you to spot performance problems before they become an issue, and also assists in the detection of possible security concerns. This article will discuss configuring Apache for logging purposes, and will go into some detail about remote logging solutions. It is excerpted from Hardening Apache by Tony Mobily (Apress, 2004; ISBN: 1590593782).


Getting Started with Apache 2.0 Part III

Harish Kamath 103717

In this third and final installment of our "Getting Started with Apache 2.0" series, you will learn how to configure the Apache server as a "proxy server" for your local network, how to make use of "URL Re-writing," and much more.


Getting Started with Apache 2.0 Part II

Harish Kamath 116957

In this second article in a three-part series, you will learn how to customize the the log files generated by the Apache Web server, and much more.


Apache and the Internet

Apress Publishing 247703

This article introduces those new to networking to Apache, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and the basics of system administration. It is excerpted from chapter one of Peter Wainwright's book Pro Apache (Apress, 2004; ISBN: 1590593006).


Getting Started with Apache 2.0, Part 1

Harish Kamath 202678

In this first article in a three-part series, Harish Kamath helps you download and configure the Apache Web server. If you've wanted to use PHP with Apache, look no further; that part of the setup is also covered here.


Getting Started with Apache

Apress Publishing 338423

Learn the basic steps necessary to download, install, and configure a basic Apache server. This article is from chapter two of Pro Apache by Peter Wainwright. (Apress, 2004, ISBN: 1590593006).


Common Attacks in Apache

Apress Publishing 78285

Because Apache is complex, coding errors are possible. Fortunately, Apache is mature enough that this is not a frequent occurrence, and occasionally, overlooked errors are found and fixed. This chapter covers some basics of Apache’s vulnerabilities and recent known security problems. (From Hardening Apache by Tony Mobily, Apress, 2004, ISBN: 1590593782.)


Secure Installation and Configuration

Apress Publishing 198065

This chapter provides Apache downloading steps and cautionary tips. Mobily recommends compiling most of the modules dynamically, and leaving the main server stripped to the bones. He covers the free tool Nikto and how to use it. Also see why he says to disable the TRACE method. (From the book Hardening Apache by Tony Mobily, Apress, 2004, ISBN: 1590593782.)

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