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Systems administrators are ultimately responsible for making sure their company’s technology runs smoothly. Whether it involves getting the different parts of a network talking to each other, organizing your team, or throwing together a basic content management system, you’ll find the help you need in this category.

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Risky Business (part 2)

Joanarc, (c) Melon... 32231

Now that you've analyzed the risks inherent to your project and come up with a plan to tackle them, it's time to put your risk management plan into practice. In this concluding article, examine the processes of implementing, monitoring and auditing a software risk management plan, together with a case study that demonstrates how it works in the real world.


Risky Business (part 1)

Joanarc, (c) Melon... 23185

Successful developers know that the secret to the success of a project lies in managing the risks that might unfold during the course of the project. In this article, find out how to build a comprehensive risk management plan that allows you to complete your projects on time, every time.


Professional File Transfer with proFTPD

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 148355

Need to set up an FTP server on your network to simplify file transfer between users or hosts? Look no further than the robust, secure and very free proFTPD server, which has everything you need to get up and running in a jiffy. This article covers installing and configuring proFTPD for both regular and anonymous FTP, and also explains how to customize the operation of the server for different requirements.


Secure Tunnelling with SSH

icarus, (c) Melonf... 118348

You probably already know how to use SSH to securely log in toremote hosts over the Web. In this article, take things a little further byusing SSH to encrypt connections to other ports as well. Scenarios coveredinclude securing your mail server connection so that your mail password isalways protected and creating secure pathways through firewalls for trustedhosts.


Understanding LDAP (part 2)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 122957

Now that you know how LDAP works, it's time to put it intopractice. In this article, find out how to compile, install and configurethe OpenLDAP software suite, create an LDAP directory for your organization,and add entries to it. Also included: a detailed discussion of how to searchthe database using both the UNIX client tools supplied with OpenLDAP, andthe LDAP client built into Qualcomm Eudora.


Understanding LDAP (part 1)

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 292601

Wish there was a global Yellow Pages so that you could find peopleon the Web quicker? LDAP might just be what you're looking for. In thisintroductory tutorial, get up to speed on basic LDAP concepts, including theLDAP information model, LDAP objects and LDAP naming conventions.


Mail Management With Procmail

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 52768

Tired of the sixteen terabytes of spam that confront you everymorning? Looking for a way to automatically manage and filter youremail? Say hello to procmail, automated message processing that's socool, it makes you want to believe in magic again.


File Synchronization With Rsync

icarus, (c) Melonf... 674330

Save time (and money) on data transfers between hosts withrsync, a synchronization tool that allows easy, efficient replication offiles between different locations. Sync up, now!


Dancing The Samba (part 2)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 42162

In addition to its core component, Samba comes with a bunch ofpretty powerful ancillary utilities: an SMB client, an SMB filesystemmounter, a backup tool, and a Web-based administration utility. Find outhow you can use them, inside.


Dancing The Samba (part 1)

icarus, (c) Melonf... 59775

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for commercial file serversoftware? Looking for an application that lets you share *NIX andWindows files seamlessly across a network? Say hello to Samba, softwarethat's so cool, it'll make you want to kick up your heels and dance,dance, dance!


Using Apache As A Proxy Server

icarus, (c) Melonf... 496044

Apache isn't just the planet's most popular Web server - it'salso one heck of a proxy server. This article explores the process ofinstalling and configuring Apache to act as a proxy server for yournetwork, demonstrating how it can be used to cache frequently-accessedWeb sites, log Internet access and block offensive domains, in additionto serving up Web content. Talk about getting two servers for the priceof one!


Understanding P3P

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 23365

Worried about greedy online merchants snooping around your harddrive when you visit their e-stores? Wondering how much personalinformation a site actually collects and stores about you? You might beinterested in P3P, an upcoming privacy standard that hopes to bring greatertransparency to the way personal information is used over the Web.


A Man And His Mutt

Vikram Vaswani, (c... 61676

Looking for an email client that offers superior performancewithout sacrificing on features? Take a look at Mutt, the planet's coolestmail client, from the perspective of a long-time fan and user, and find outwhat you've been missing.


Building Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Mac OS X

Lucas Marshall 63420

Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X, has a UNIX at it's core. What can you do with that? Make a killer development box that includes runtime environments for PHP and MySQL! This article runs you through all the steps for building Apache, MySQL, and PHP on your Mac OS X-based box.


Script-Based Credit Card Interfaces

Stephen Junker 37221

To meet the demand for greater, more flexible access to real-time electronic transaction processing, transaction processing providers are lowering the barriers of entry, and opening the interfaces to their systems, allowing developers an opportunity to create custom interfaces for electronic commerce systems. In this article we show how easy it can be to connect your website to these systems and add real-time credit card processing to your programming arsenal.

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