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AJAX, or Asynchronous Javascript and XML, is the building blocks of Web 2.0 sites. AJAX can serve as an XML data transport layer or returning pre-formed HTML then injected into the browser DOM. Considered by many to be a mesh of DHTML and XMLHttpRequest this technology allows AJAX developers to provide rich content experiences without constant page reloads. If you're looking for AJAX help and AJAX tutorials to get started, then read on.

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Using the google.load() Method with Google`s Ajax Libraries API

Alejandro Gervasio 29330

Google's Ajax Libraries API is a programming interface that permits web developers to download popular JavaScript packages, such as Prototype, jQuery and Scriptaculous, directly from Google’s servers instead of using local copies of these libraries. In this fourth part of a four-part series on using the API, you'll learn how to serve the jQuery framework without compression.


How to Handle Ajax Errors

Chrysanthus Forcha 48615

An Ajax request behaves like a JavaScript thread. While the request is going on, execution of the JavaScript code in the flow of the code carries on. How do you solve possible conflicts and the resulting errors?


Uncompressing Source Files with Google`s AJAX Libraries API

Alejandro Gervasio 20744

Welcome to the third part of the series titled “Using Google's Ajax Libraries API.” Made up of four approachable tutorials, this series teaches you how to download and use your favorite JavaScript library by means of this client-side API. It complements the corresponding theory with a large variety of code samples.


Using the jQuery Framework with Google`s Ajax Libraries API

Alejandro Gervasio 37006

In this second installment of a four-part series, you will learn how to develop an AJAX-driven application that makes use of Google's Ajax Libraries API to work with the jQuery library. Using Google's API means taking advantage of Google's servers, which can be expected to react much more quickly than a single heavily-loaded server. Let's get started.


Using Google`s Ajax Libraries API

Alejandro Gervasio 31839

Google's new client-side API lets you download some of the most popular JavaScript libraries directly from its servers. If you're interested in dabbling with AJAX, there is no faster way to get your packages and get started. This four-part article series, of which this is the first part, will help get you on your way.


An Enhanced Ajax Approach to Active Client Pages

Chrysanthus Forcha 17846

In this final part of a four-part series, I give you my enhancements to the AJAX approach to Active Client Pages. Before I conclude the series, I will introduce two other approaches to you. Keep reading to learn how to help your web pages load more quickly.


The Ajax Approach to ACP: A Simple Example

Chrysanthus Forcha 16693

This is the third part of my four-part series, "Active Client Pages, An Ajax Approach." In this part I illustrate the Ajax approach with a simple example, complete with code. Be sure to read the first two parts; they will help you understand what I'm trying to accomplish here, though the first part of this article does include a quick summary.


Ajax Features Needed to Build Active Client Pages

Chrysanthus Forcha 18358

This is the second part of my four-part series, Active Client Pages – Ajax Approach. In this part of the series, we continue our discussion of the Ajax features we will need to use with ACP, and then we look at the principles of the Ajax approach.


An Ajax Approach to Active Client Pages

Chrysanthus Forcha 19350

If a user were using a slow Internet connection, he would have found that it takes time for him to have his web page displayed (downloaded) at his client computer. Nowadays, only the first page of his web site will take a long time to be downloaded; the rest of the pages will come very fast. Keep reading to learn how we can accomplish this trick. It's all thanks to Active Client Pages and the magic of AJAX.


Beginning Ajax

James Payne 84419

Ajax is often mistaken for a programming language, when in reality it is more of a standard or technique used to create better, more interactive web applications. It is used to create more responsive web pages by loading certain areas of a page, instead of an entire page. In this tutorial, and the ones that follow, we will learn to work with it to build dynamic web sites.

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