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AJAX, or Asynchronous Javascript and XML, is the building blocks of Web 2.0 sites. AJAX can serve as an XML data transport layer or returning pre-formed HTML then injected into the browser DOM. Considered by many to be a mesh of DHTML and XMLHttpRequest this technology allows AJAX developers to provide rich content experiences without constant page reloads. If you're looking for AJAX help and AJAX tutorials to get started, then read on.

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Best AJAX Tutorials for Forms

wubayou 22617

This article highlights some of the best AJAX form tutorials available across the net.


The Best AJAX Tutorials

wubayou 20280

We already provided you with some of the top AJAX tutorials in the past, but there are many more that can help you implement the technology into your designs. Here are seven more AJAX tutorials that should be useful for beginners and more experienced users alike.


8 Great Ajax Tutorials

wubayou 15227

Ajax offers a solid avenue to really add life to your web design in a multitude of ways. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that show you how to use Ajax, so trying to find which ones are the best is a rather trying task. Here is a condensed list of some of the top Ajax tutorials on the web to help you get started.


Using Ajax and jQuery

Alejandro Gervasio 22349

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the jQuery API to handle and process a plethora of Ajax requests. This article explores the jquery methods for using both get and post with AJAX and details the .get() and .load() methods.


Using Ajax and jQuery with HTML Forms

Alejandro Gervasio 28181

Being by far the most popular JavaScript framework available nowadays, jQuery generously honors its “write less, do more” motto. Seated on top of its already famous fluent API, the library provides a plethora of methods that allow you to perform many tasks, ranging from complex DOM and CSS manipulation, to handling events in a painless and straightforward manner.


Ajax.org Offers Cloud9 IDE for JavaScript

wubayou 11782

To help developers gain extra freedom to control their development environment, Ajax.org has released Cloud9 IDE. As its name would suggest, Cloud9 is a cloud-based development platform that is designed primarily for JavaScript developers, but it also supports PHP, Python, and Ruby.


Java Technologies Provider ICEsoft Releases ICEfaces 2

wubayou 10903

ICEsoft Technologies is a worldwide producer of open source enterprise Java technologies, and it has a new framework available that redefines the way in which Java enterprise applications are developed, as well as their capabilities. The new framework goes by the name of ICEfaces 2. It is a followup to the original award winning ICEfaces release. ICEsoft just announced the product's official release, and if it is anything like its predecessor, it will be accepted by developers with open arms.


Parsing Google Maps API using PHP and JSON

Codex-M 94675

This Google Maps tutorial will walk you through the finer points of using the Google Directions REST API and JSON with PHP to load, parse and display your Google Maps. This article covers use of the Google API both with and without a Maps API key and includes PHP code examples for parsing the Directions or Web Services APIs from Google.


Using Recaptcha in AJAX Prototype Framework with PHP

Codex-M 17743

One of the biggest problems with form handling is spam. If the form is not protected with captcha, then most likely spam and auto-form submission will happen. But thanks to Google Recaptcha, PHP and AJAX technology, a webmaster can now implement captcha protection without severely affecting the user's experience. This is a beginner tutorial on using Recaptcha with the AJAX prototype framework and PHP.


Google's Closure Compiler Service API: Additional Features

Alejandro Gervasio 12482

In this eighth and final part of a series that explains the various features of Google's Closure Compiler Service API, you'll learn about a few features that didn't fit neatly into the discussions in the previous parts.


Installing Google Web Toolkit: Introducing the Google App Engine

Codex-M 23601

Welcome to the second part of a series on Google Web Toolkit. In this part you'll learn how to handle the Google App Engine and deploy your project to a production server.


Google's Closure Compiler Service API: Displaying Warnings and Errors

Alejandro Gervasio 12990

This penultimate part of the series offers a quick overview of the debugging capabilities that the Closure Compiler Service API provides for free. Activating the API’s debugger is as easy as assigning the values “warnings” and “errors” to its “output_info” parameter.


Google's Closure Compiler Service API: Delivering Compiled Code in Different Formats

Alejandro Gervasio 14051

In this sixth part of the series, I explore Google's Closure Compiler Service API's “output_format” argument. It permits you to deliver compiled JavaScript code to the client in different formats, including the already familiar “text/javascript” type. I also show you how to deliver code in XML and JSON formats.


Google's Closure Compiler Service API: the ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS Option

Alejandro Gervasio 12217

In this fifth part of the series, you will learn how to work with the “ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS” option provided by Google’s Closure Compiler Service API. It can be used to perform a more sophisticated optimization process on JavaScript snippets. If you ever need to minify your client-side scripts to their minimal expression, using this option is undoubtedly the way to go.


Google's Closure Compiler Service API: the SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS Option

Alejandro Gervasio 11581

In this fourth part of the series, I show you how to apply a more rigorous level of optimization to a JavaScript file by passing the SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS option to the Closure Compiler API. This process removes white space and comments, and shortens function and variable names, which significantly reduces the size of the target file.

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