GoDaddy Joining the Cloud

When you think of GoDaddy, you may think of race car driver Danica Patrick, sexy Super Bowl ads, web hosting, and domain registration for the average Joe. While GoDaddy has certainly made a name for itself with that list, it plans on expanding in the near future, this time taking a shot at the cloud. Yes, you heard it right, GoDaddy will begin offering cloud computer services to customers in an attempt to get in on some of the market share that Amazon Web Services and Rackspace hosting currently have.

GoDaddy’s cloud service will go by the name of Data Center On Demand, and its official launch is set for sometime next month.  As of right now, the service is available for certain customers, but on an invitation-only basis.  GoDaddy plans to keep it that way until the official release so that it can continue developing the necessary infrastructure.  As for the reasoning behind the release, a GoDaddy spokesperson said that Data Center On Demand was created in response to customer demand for a cloud computing service.  With cloud computing being seen by many as the wave of the future, the move makes sense.

GoDaddy’s venture into the cloud market will likely be an uphill climb at first, as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Hosting currently dominate the arena in terms of market share.  At this time, there’s uncertainty as to just how aggressive GoDaddy will be when it comes to competing with Amazon and Rackspace.  One area where GoDaddy appears to have set its competitive sights is with pricing, so it’s likely that consumers can look forward to some price wars as the competition heats up.

GoDaddy’s Data Center On Demand FAQ posted in its forums describes the service as allowing users to “create a virtual data center with multiple servers working together.”  The main advantage of such hosting is that it gives users extensive control over the number of servers employed for a project, as well as their configuration.  Users are not limited to a set configuration as with some other traditional services.  Instead, they can expand or contract their setups as needed.  Even more control over the cloud environment comes through the configuration of preferences in terms of items such as load balancers, multiple networks, and templates.

Pricing plans for Data Center On Demand will fall into three tiers: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate.  The Economy plan is the most affordable of the three and is priced at $49.99 per month.  It includes 1 server, 1GB RAM and 40GB storage, unlimited inbound bandwidth, and 100GB/month outbound bandwidth.  The Deluxe plan costs $119.99 per month.  It includes three servers, 1GB RAM and 40GB storage, unlimited inbound bandwidth, and 100GB/month outbound bandwidth.  The Ultimate plan costs $279.99 per month and includes six servers.  Three of the servers have 2GB RAM and 40GB storage, while the others have 1GB RAM and 40GB storage.  The Ultimate plan also comes with unlimited inbound bandwidth and 100GB/month outbound bandwidth.  All three plans have additional resources available a la carte.

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