RIM Releases Analytics Service Beta

Research In Motion has just announced that developers can now download its free Analytics Service Beta. The release comes rather quickly, as it was just last fall that RIM briefly discussed the service during the BlackBerry DEVCON 2010 convention.

Webtrends powers the service, and gives BlackBerry app developers all the tools necessary to optimize their apps and provide a better end user experience.  Perhaps most important of all, the service gives developers the ability to analyze app usage to increase their return on investment.

RIM describes its Analytics Service Beta as an enterprise-class service that is bolstered by Webtrends’ experience of over ten years in the field of digital analytics. One of the most attractive aspects of the Analytics Service Beta is that is easy to install and use. The service integrates easily by adding a few extra lines of code to an app. 

As mentioned, it is free for BlackBerry app developers. The importance and value of the Analytics Service Beta was relayed by RIM’s VP of Product Management, Curtis Sasaki, during the BlackBerry DEVCON 2010 convention. He stated, “Feedback from our customers and development partners has always shaped our BlackBerry products and services, and so we understand the need for deep, rich and accurate analytics. We also know that access to such metrics is a top priority for BlackBerry developers as they try to make their applications stand out in an increasingly crowded market.”

The Analytics Service Beta comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features that includes a software development kit, or SDK, developer documents, and a user-friendly web-based reporting interface. The web-based interface gives developers quick access to a slew of relevant statistics on their apps that are easy to read, and gives a solid overview of app usage. For those who prefer to perform analysis beyond the web-based interface, the service also allows its data to be used in other formats. The data can be imported into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to provide a wider variety of display options for more in-depth analysis. Reports can also be exported via REST API or file download. 

{mospagebreak title=Trackable App Characteristics}

The app characteristics that can be tracked and measured by the Analytics Service Beta are numerous.  The service can show developers information on a user’s country and language, the type of device used, their carrier and connection type, as well as any errors. App usage can be measured in terms the duration of use, the number of screens viewed, conversions, the frequency of use, and any active or new users.  Even further detail is available in terms of the usage of an app’s features, products, media, ads, search, the specific screens accessed, and more.

By providing a detailed tracking solution, the Analytics Service Beta lets developers see which parts of their apps are the most appealing and which are not. This gives greater insight into where they should invest their resources, and which features must be improved or discarded. The ability to fine tune the investment of resources in terms of time and money helps to maximize return on investment, and also allows developers to become more competitive in the growing app market.

Analytics Service Beta is available for download here: http://us.blackberry.com/developers/platform/analyticsservice/

For more on this topic, visit http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/RIM-Launches-BlackBerry-Analytics-Service-Beta-518814/


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