Programming Intuitively with the BlackBerry Browser

One of the reasons BlackBerry devices have become so popular is that they are very intuitive to use. As a developer, you will need to make sure the applications you build for BlackBerries fit this model. But how do you build an intuitive app? Keep reading.

BlackBerry devices have obviously become the dependable, go-to device for corporate networks, such as IT, as well as financial and government networks. There are a number of different reasons that make this particular smartphone so appealing to developers. One of these reasons is how connected BlackBerry devices allow people to remain. Content can basically be delivered to a device straight out of the box with very little effort. Java-based operating systems also allow developers to create apps that deliver data in real time, and all while engaging a user with the smartphone’s intuitive interface and full keyboard.

We’re going to discuss intuitive programming with the BlackBerry Browser, as well as questions that often come up when it comes to intuitive programming. As a developer, you may struggle with trying to figure out exactly how intuitive you should make an app or other software. On the other hand though, if a user can’t figure out how to use an app, the blame usually falls on the developer. It seems as if the expectation is that developers must always create intuitive software, but is that unrealistic?

The BlackBerry Browser

Surely, you’ve come to realize that the BlackBerry browser easily allows intuitive programming. Developers can create a web-based application that users can access super-quick and very easily through existing BlackBerry software. One of the better aspects of BlackBerry’s browser is the fact that it is the ideal place to start if you’re new to BlackBerry development, but it also has huge potential for those who are very familiar with the platform.

If you’re interested in programming intuitively, then developing for the BlackBerry browser has many advantages that you can’t afford to pass up. The biggest advantage, of course, is that it utilizes familiar web technologies, which puts people at ease. Who wouldn’t want to use technologies that were well-established, widespread, and familiar?

Another perk is the browser’s simple deployment, meaning there is no need to deploy client applications, because all of the information is held server-side. If you’re interested in intuitive programming, the most obvious BlackBerry browser perk is the intuitive applications already in existence. Most BlackBerry users are already tech-savvy, which means most users are also familiar with browser-based applications.

All of this, of course, is just to say that users will be able to use your applications with minimal support or training. This is very important, because many companies today are implementing browser-based applications, mostly because these apps can communicate over the Internet, and they don’t have to be installed on every client’s device that will use it. In addition, the infrastructure and skill set is already in place to support browser-based applications.

{mospagebreak title=Common Pitfalls with Intuitive Apps}

Over the years applications and other software have become more intuitive, which has led users to feel so confident that they often think they can sit down in front of a new piece of software and immediately understand how to use it. Unfortunately, if the software isn’t that easy to understand, the developer may catch a lot of blame. So, exactly how intuitive should you make your apps for the BlackBerry browser?

First, it’s important to understand that applications and other software usually accomplish some very complex tasks. Generally speaking, users who have no experience or understanding in the field of knowledge the software addresses, probably won’t be able to use an app. The problem with this is that they expect to be able to do so. On the other hand, what’s the fun in creating an excellent app if only a small handful of people are familiar with developing in this field? It’s definitely a catch-22.

Simply put, complex tasks are going to require complex software, and it’s okay to create these types of applications as long as they’re being marketed to the right people. As a developer, you shouldn’t set out to only create intuitive applications. Rather, your goal should be continuously finding ways to make sure that users get up to speed, and when they are, they can set out and fly on their own.

Intuitive Programming with Advanced BlackBerry Browser Development

BlackBerry’s new Push technology has made intuitive programming a snap. As a matter of fact, it may lead some users into thinking their BlackBerry has a mind of its own and magically knows what information to send, and when to send it. A push application is specifically designed to both enhance and simplify the distribution of corporate data to mobile employees. The beauty of this development is that users don’t have to request the data they receive; it simply gets sent to them as soon as it becomes available. What’s more intuitive than that?

The new Push Application Programming Interface (API) enables developers to access the power of the BlackBerry Push infrastructure while infusing their Java applications with the speed to which smartphone users have become accustomed. Simply put, BlackBerry developers can now create apps that are more intuitive than ever before, and that will greatly enhance the smartphone experience. This interface is so advanced, in fact, that it may be the only step necessary to mobilize existing applications in your organization.

BlackBerry devices support three push services for BlackBerry browser content: browser channel push, browser message push, and the browser cache push. Browser channel pushes are used to create a new channel or update a pre-existing channel. To send an alert or push a web page to the user’s BlackBerry device, you can use a browser message push. If you need to ensure that a user has access to pages even when they are outside of a wireless coverage area, you can use a browser cache push.  

As you can see, creating intuitive programming for the BlackBerry browser has become even easier thanks to the Push technologies now available to developers. As mentioned previously, it’s also of the utmost importance that you know your market and how adept they are at working with new applications. Not every app has to be intuitive, but if it has to be, utilizing Push technologies is the best route.

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