Android Version of NoScript for Firefox Now Available

Android users recently got some good news, as the availability of the NoScript for Firefox add-on was just announced for their mobile platform of choice. The add-on has helped enhance browsing security for Firefox users in a desktop setting in the past, but now has the capability to give users on the go some extra peace of mind as well with version 3.0a8.

While expectations may be lowered a bit for a mobile version of such an add-on, the creators behind NoScript for Firefox made sure that its Android edition comes with all the capabilities of its predecessor.  It has been tested for optimal performance on Firefox for Android, but should also work well on the Maemo platform.  As for the full-featured capabilities of the add-on, they begin with clickjacking prevention on the client side via ClearClick.  Router and web applications are protected from CSRF and DNS rebinding attacks by the App Boundaries Enforcer (ABE), which is essentially a true webapp firewall that integrates with mobile browsers.  NoScript’s Android version comes with an innovative and robust anti-XSS filter, plus offers its users the capability to manage active content permissions on a per-site basis.  The add-on’s creators also ported over the Script Surrogates feature from the desktop version that comes in handy in instances where scripting is blocked.

The list of NoScript’s features continues with some vital characteristics that help the add-on provide an effective, yet user-friendly experience.  Users who wish for a more hands-off approach will enjoy the option of selecting from one of four default preset configurations.  The most secure configuration, Full Protection, blocks embedded content on all sites, even trusted ones.  Content can be unblocked by clicking on it.  The Classic Whitelist configuration mimics NoScript’s default setup in preceding versions by letting users pick trusted sites to have JavaScript and plugins enabled.  The flipside of the Classic Whitelist is the Easy Blacklist.  Here users simply add any untrusted sites where JavaScript and plugins should be blocked.  Lastly, Click To Play gives users the power to activate any blocked content by clicking a placeholder. 

Users with multiple mobile devices can share their NoScript settings via an Enable Remote Sync option for quick and easy synchronization.  Unfortunately, PCs are not included in the cross-device synchronization as of yet, but that functionality is expected to become available in an upcoming NoScript 3 beta version.  In addition to the painless synchronization across mobile devices, the latest version of NoScript does not require users to restart their browsers after the installation of any updates, which should make the updating process less of a hassle.  You can download the add-on by visiting

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App Developers Face Increasing Challenges as Market Saturation Occurs

The process of coming up with and developing an idea for the perfect app is difficult enough, but it’s what comes after it is produced that is really the hard part.  Whether you are developing for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone, selling your app and gaining notoriety from it is becoming more of a chore due to the heavy volume of new apps hitting the market.  Luckily, there are companies out there that can help with app marketing, and some were busy making connections at the latest BlackBerry DevCon Conference in San Francisco. 

App-Promo, a Canadian company that specializes in marketing apps developed for the Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone smartphones, is just one of several of its kind that set up shop at BlackBerry DevCon.  App-Promo’s spokesperson Tom Emrich described the company’s mission, saying: “A lot of people who build apps forget that getting sales is a business.  The app might be the greatest in the world, but if no one knows about it, it’s not going to attract any users.  We actually have to market this stuff.”

Emrich noted that saturation is a major problem with marketing apps, which creates a necessity among developers for the services of companies such as App-Promo.  While app marketing was handled with relative ease by Apple and BlackBerry in the beginning, the sheer population of apps has complicated the process, he added.  App-Promo now manages approximately 70 to 75 large clients, which is a big step forward from when it began working strictly with small “garage developers” in 2009.

Another company that used BlackBerry DevCon to display its services was Universal Mind.  Headed by Tim Wandell, Universal Mind has successfully developed a fantasy football app for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet and a Lady Gaga app, plus has one in the works that is based on Jimi Hendrix.  “One of the most difficult challenges for mobile apps developers is marrying technology and art.  Developers who are good at both engineering and story content are a rare breed,” Wandell said. 

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