US Faces Tech Security Expert Deficit

Recent attacks against the United States IT security infrastructure has officials worried that, over the next decade, qualified cyber-security personnel will be at a premium; and a shortage. The question is: how does the USA plan to lure and keep top tech talent to secure and protect the national information infrastructure?

There’s a definite digital-divide starting, but it’s not between the rich and the poor; it’s between the IT Security expert haves and have-nots…and it’s spreading from private companies all the way to the US Government.

Recent studies of the country’s top IT management shows that a whopping 35%+ of CIOs, CTOs and CSOs are either dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied with their current personnel and are looking to upgrade their cyber-security positions despite the recession and high-cost of high-end talent.

The United States has put out an APB for qualified, high-end security experts specializing in network and infrastructure security.  Considering recent attacks against the White House and the US security grid by North Korea and others, one can hardly blame them.  Reports show that of the 1000 jobs available to the national tech security field, only 120-150 security experts are available.  On top of this, the US government is at a definite disadvantage as they compete with private companies that can offer more than a civil-servant’s pay scale and lucrative bonuses and stock deals.

However, don’t count the US government out of the mix yet.  With the offer of scholarships to the best and brightest IT professionals, they are sure to snare a good crop of tech security gurus.  So if you’re looking to advance your career, especially in a recession, brush up on your cyber-security skills.  You’ll be protecting the national power grid and infrasturcture from the bad guys in no time!

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