Linux World Expo 2004 – New York, New York

Big city, big places, big expos, big experience. Linux World Expo did it again this year in New York, supplying thousands of locals as well as world wide travelers with another great expo held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, New York. LWE was not just a company product showcase, but more about growth with the Open Source solution Linux. In this article I discuss the different companies that attended LWE this year.

IBM is one of the most strident supporters of the Linux movement.  IBM’s booth had many different rack servers running. Why is IBM committed to Linux?  The gentleman at the booth informed me that IBM wanted to have the flexibility to supply top industry standards to large and small businesses. Giving the customer what they want and what they need at a reasonable price is a top priority for IBM. IBM is one of the many sponsors for Open Source Development Lab (OSDL).  OSDL is the first independent, non-profit lab for developers who are adding enterprise capabilities to Linux.

Novell is committed to Linux as well. After a major deal with SuSE Linux, Novell is back up to bat. With this giant step, the company is strongly looking to the future. After meeting up to talk to a few of the techies, they explained how Novell’s Nterprise Linux Services Suite will provide helpful services now and in the future.

Novell iFolder will offer powerful personal file management, including 24/7 access to the files. With iFolder, you can have automatic synchronization between your Windows based file, data backup and your internet system security.

Novell NetMail provides excellent standard-based messaging and calendaring support for up to 20,000 users per server.

Looking at the offerings in Nterprise, it is very obvious that Novell is heading into a bright direction. After listening shortly to their speeches about the direction of the company, I headed on over to the next booth.

Oracle’s booth certainly won the beauty contest, although it didn’t beat the Red Hat sports car. Oracle’s space was a large tent in the middle of the Expo. Inside the tent was a surround visual projection that was displayed on the roof and sides of the tent. This was achieved with 7 different projectors. Space limitations prevented me from hearing any of the speeches that day, but below I have attached a screen shot of the inside projectors to give an idea of how inventive and creative this booth was.

Linux World Expo 2004


{mospagebreak title=Other Noteworthy Companies at the Expo}

AMD: This booth was packed with major gadgets. With racks of AMD64 servers to small boxes with dual AMD64 with 8 gigs of RAM. Oops! Pardon my drool.

Red Hat Linux: Here were a few guys that talked about the new Fedora Core Linux provided by the Red Hat Linux server. Red Hat’s booth had a sports car in front.

Microsoft: “Where Linux Roams, Microsoft will follow” is the old adage and seems to be true in this case. The Microsoft booth was not a pleasant site at a Linux Expo, but it was good to see their participation and support of the event. The booth tenders seemed AWOL most of the day.

MySQL: They demonstrated what I now consider to be the best MySQL administration ever. Coming soon from is MySQL Administrator, which will enable you to do service startup and shutdown, easy configuration management, monitoring of various user connections with ease, easy user and privilege management, and much much more.

Free Software Foundation: People head of the GNU/GPL movement.

KDE: They offered a powerful Open Source Graphics User Interface for Linux. It has very classy and stylish desktop features and functions that is user friendly. One of the best desktops for Linux Operating System. Provides an Open Source Office suite that rivals other Office suites at a very competitive price – FREE. Other characteristics include top-notch usability and great speed.

Gentoo: This is another popular flavor of Linux. With this version you compile Linux yourself. If you are new to the Linux scene and want to learn to compile Linux this is your best bet. Its documentation is extensive.

GNOME: Another popular desktop for Linux users. With this desktop you can do various things, just like you can with the rival KDE. (GNOME and KDE were only less then 30-40 feet away from each other.)

Mambo Open Source CMS: Simple to use Content Management System designed for the small and large site maintenance in mind. With this Open Source project, you can design your site with ease and flexibility.

With the huge show, a ton of companies, and a lot of people, it was hard to get around to all the booths and run one at the same time. I meet various interesting people including Vice President of the Free Software Foundation, Bradley Kuhn. 

I’d like to thank all those who participated in supplying me with information for this article. Below are web links to each of their sites.

Linux World Expo:
Suse Linux:
Red Hat Linux:
Microsoft Corporation:
Free Software Foundation:
Gentoo Linux:
Mambo Open Source:

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