This month saw major releases of two integrated development platforms for PHP. JetBrains unveiled PhpStorm 5.0, while Symfony released both Symfony 2.1.0 RC and Symfony 2.0.17.

First, let’s cover JetBrain’s PhpStorm 5.0. While its main focus is PHP code, of course, it also supports other modern PHP frameworks. In fact, those working on Symfony2 and Yii projects may want to check it out. PhpStorm 5.0 continues the framework’s support of both Zend and Drupal.

PhpStorm 5.0 has been updated with a more sophisticated type interface engine for PHP variables and class fields. The new support for Symfony2 and Yii comes in part in the form of a new MVC view for those kinds of projects. Darryl K. Taft at eWeek notes that the updated IDE received “many additions in SQL and database support, including live database schema refactoring, stored procedures editing, schema migration scripts generation and improved SQL completion.”

Speaking of Symfony2, PHP programmers will appreciate the versatility of of the latest releases of the full stack framework. Its components can also be used in a standalone fashion outside the Symfony framework. Indeed, today you can find Symfony components in libraries such as Doctrine2 and Guzzle, as well as PHPBB4, the PPI Framework, and EZPublish. You’ll also be able to find Symfony2 components in Drupal 8 when it comes out.

Symfony’s developers note that it was one of the first major frameworks to support PHP 5.3, to allow the use of a Dependency Injection container, and to use a templating engine for its templates by default. It’s worth noting, too, that if you’re using any version older than Symfony 2.0, you should definitely upgrade.

Fabien Potencier, Symfony project developer, wrote in his blog that “I’ve just released the second release candidate for Symfony 2.1.0. This release contains several security fixes related to the way XML is handled, and as such, we recommend everyone to upgrade. These issues have been also fixed in Symfony 2.0. After upgrading, run the web/config.php script from your browser and the app/check.php script from the CLI to check if your PHP environment is set up properly. As we have added new checks, you might find some stuff to tweak.”

For more on this topic, see eWeek for the JetBrains story and Dr. Dobb’s for the Symfony news.

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