PHP: Best Methods for Running Scheduled Jobs

One of the users at the Dev Shed forums is searching for the best method to run scheduled jobs in PHP. A few people have chimed in, but we would like to hear your opinion.

User mikemike27 asked the following in the Dev Shed forums:

PHP-General – What is the best method for running scheduled jobs in PHP?
I have a webpage form that requires a date and time to be submitted. When it’s submitted I need the back-end to run a script at the time and date specified.
Have you ever needed to do something like this? I’ve tried the exec() function with an at command inside. It won’t work. I have no idea why and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of advice on google about this. so either no one has ever had a problem with it before or no one has ever tried because there is a much simplier way.

We have received a few responses so far, but would like to know if you have any other methods not yet displayed? Disagree or agree with the suggestions thus far? Drop by and let us know!

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