TROSYS Launches Free MySQL Manager and Admin Tool

India-based TROSYS Technologies recently announced the availability of TroSQL Free 1.10, a MySQL manager and admin tool that comes equipped with a full set of features that can be employed by a wide variety of users, including database administrators, database architects, software and web developers, corporate database research and development departments, testers, as well as institutes of higher learning and students.

As its name would suggest, TroSQL Free 1.10 helps to boost productivity for both small businesses and large organizations at no cost.  It’s also a useful tool understanding and learning how databases work.  The release is just another in a line of products from TROSYS that gives clients the power to maximize efficiency in the realms of MySQL database and server management, product development, debugging, resource optimization, and more.

Besides its distinction as a free tool, TroSQL is highlighted by a plethora of features, beginning with compatibility.  The program ships as a small EXE that is MySQL 5.x compatible.  According to the press release, TroSQL is also “written entirely in C, C++, and wxWindows with native MySQL C APIs.”

As mentioned, TroSQL’s feature set is one that serves a variety of users.  Features useful for database administrators include user management that is simple, yet in-depth at the same time, an object browser, connection manager, MySQL host management, and MySQL management in docking windows.  DBAs can restore and import large SQL dumps with TroSQL, and the program allows for painless table duplication, objects copy, and database operations such as create, drop, and alter.

Features that should appeal to developers and students include the capability view data in grid mode, quick usage thanks to docking windows, multiple query execution, and a tabbed interface for query results and different connections.  Table operations such as create, drop, and alter are offered with ease, and there is an extensive blob editor with image and text data support.  Developers and students can also look forward to an Excel style grid interface that come in handy when creating, updating, or altering results and fields.  TroSQL offers all levels of import and export as MySQL dump, and can manage table fields values in a separate tabbed window.

Moving on, TroSQL’s feature set is bolstered by substantial GUI components that supply users with superb capabilities for the management of MySQL objects.  There’s the aforementioned ease with which one can create, drop, and alter tables, plus the docking window feature for seamless object level management.  Users can count on an advanced tabbed bases UI and its multiple toolbars that serve on various levels such as connection, table, and query.  TroSQL comes complete with support for MySQL objects in the form of database, tables, fields, and indices as well.  Throw in MySQL objects support for views, functions, procedures, triggers, and events management, plus GUI tools like the index, foreign key, and flush managers, and it is easy to see why TroSQL is such an appealing program.

TroSQL Free 1.10 can be downloaded free of charge via TroSQL’s website,

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