Oracle Announces Milestone Release for MySQL

MySQL VP of engineering Tomas Ulin used a keynote speech at last week’s OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco to announce the availability of a second development milestone release (DMR) for MySQL 5.6 and MySQL Cluster 7.2. According to Ulin, the releases are a perfect example of Oracle’s dedication to increasing MySQL’s feature set and stability.

Despite the status of the releases as DMRs, Ulin noted that their quality should not be questioned.  He explained how Oracle’s complete shift in its development philosophy has MySQL moving forward on a positive note into the future.  “A year ago we changed our development model. We decided to go to more incremental," he said. "With each milestone, what we strive to do is bring in only a few features and make sure they’re of highest quality. We could go out today and say, this is a release candidate or this is a GA [general release candidate],” Ulin said.

MySQL 5.6 is expected to receive several improvements prior to its general release, especially in the realms of InnoDB storage engine and replication.  Oracle has kept itself busy in the recent past with the development of several innovative MySQL features.  Improved Windows management, a multitude of commercial extensions for enterprise customers, and better security are just some of the enhancements the company has successfully added.  Ulin commented on Oracle’s mindset for MySQL, stating: “Linux is a major platform for us, but we are very far along on Linux and have been for many years.  Oracle’s goal over time is to make the Windows MySQL deployment experience "on par" or even better than MySQL on Linux.”

It appears as if the major goal with regards to MySQL is for it to become Oracle’s heavyweight contender versus Microsoft SQL Server.  Oracle is using better cost efficiency as a major advantage against the competition.  While SQL Server may be the big fish in the pond, Oracle has to keep an eye on its MySQL offshoot competitors like MariaDB. 

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