New Defragmentation Solution for SQL Server

Idera, a Houston-based Microsoft Gold Partner and provider of management and administration tools for Microsoft SQL Server, PowerShell, and SharePoint, recently announced the release of SQL defrag manager v3.0.

The product is said to be the industry’s only SQL server defragmentation solution that simplifies the process of pinpointing fragmentation of hotspots through automation.  It gives users the power to defragment indexes automatically or when needed, thus helping to improve SQL Server’s overall performance.

Index fragmentation is one of the major causes of lethargic SQL Server performance.  By keeping indexes defragmented, SQL defrag manager v3.0 keeps SQL Server applications running at optimal performance levels.  This frees database administrators from having to waste precious time on manual defragmentation, allowing them to increase efficiency and giving them the opportunity to concentrate on other tasks.  Heather Sullivan, Idera’s Director of SQL Server Products, reiterated this notion in the official press release: "When SQL Server indexes become fragmented, database performance can quickly degrade and manually defragmenting can be extremely time consuming and tedious.  SQL defrag manager 3.0 provides DBAs with a defragmentation autopilot for the entire SQL Server enterprise."

The latest version of SQL defrag manager comes equipped with a host of features, some of which are new to the software.  One of the newest additions is index fill factor management, which helps to reduce the splitting and shifting of pages.  Darlene Stephens, a database administrator with WaterOne, commented on its useful nature: "The new index fill factor feature in SQL defrag manager has saved me time because I can quickly modify those parameters and visualize the history.  Also, the ability to view and independently reorganize or rebuild partitioned indexes in SQL defrag manager 3.0 has made it even easier to improve the performance of my SQL Servers."

Other features besides the newly added index fill factor management begin with complete, customized control over defragmentation.  SQL defrag manager’s management console provides users with a solid overview of defragmentation activity across multiple servers and databases.  Processes can be activated by and prioritized according to a certain fragmentation percentage, scan density, or index size.  Policy-based management is another highlight of the software’s feature set.     Detailed metrics, email notifications for DBAs, and extensive reporting are just a few more examples of what is included in the SQL defrag manager v3.0 package.

SQL defrag manager v3.0 is currently available through Idera’s website,  The software costs $1,195 per instance and is free to Microsoft MVPs.  Idera offers a fully functional 14-day trial so users can test all of the features that SQL defrag manager v3.0 has to offer.

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Novosoft’s Handy Backup Now Supports 64-bit Version of SQL Server

Novosoft, a global software development company and provider product solutions for businesses, recently announced that its Handy Backup software has been updated to offer backup, sync, and restore for 64-bit versions of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange.  Handy Backup is known across the industry for its power and efficiency when it comes to data backup in both home and business environments.  With the addition of 64-bit support, the software allows Novosoft to provide one of the most comprehensive and cost-friendly backup solutions around.

Handy Backup was originally developed to backup and restore 32-bit platforms.  The addition of 64-bit support comes via Handy Backup Workstation x64.  Those looking for 64-bit SQL Server support will need to have Workstation x64 installed in conjunction with the Handy Backup utility itself.  Workstation x64 comes equipped with multiple 64-bit backup plugins.  The MS SQL x64 plugin offers backup for SQL Server 32-bit and 64-bit versions of its 2000, 2005, and 2008 editions.  Other plugins that come with Workstation x64 include MS Exchange x64 and File System x64.

Novosoft pairs the workstation with local and network backup options for maximum flexibility.  The local backup of 64-bit applications requires the same-computer installation of Workstation x64 on top of Handy Backup.  Remote backup requires the installation of Workstation x64 on the remote computer.  In addition, the program must be configured to comply with the Backup Network Workstation policy.  There is no cap as to the amount of additional workstations that can be installed, and Novosoft offers premium and free support for those seeking help with the configuration process.

Alexander Prichalov, head of the Novosoft Development Department, commented on the latest Handy Backup improvements, saying: “Bet you won’t guess five in a row hardcore up-to-date-actual data backup features which Handy Backup doesn’t have. Concerning those features which are being currently developed and will be released soon, I bet you won’t name three. That’s our key priority here at Novosoft: we make cool backup stuff and make it quickly. Thanks to that little alchemy formula, Handy Backup is now officially one of a few fully-functional software solutions to manage backup and restore of 64-bit server platforms. You have never seen a handier 64-bit MS SQL Server backup software solution.”

Novosoft’s suite of Handy Backup products is available through the official Handy Backup website,

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