Gazzang Extends Encryption to More Open Source Databases

Are you thinking of running a database in the cloud, but worried about security because your database is open source? Gazzang just might have you covered. The cloud computing security firm just announced that it is expanding its ezNcrypt data encryption and security solution to cover more open source databases.

Gazzang noted that ezNcrypt already secures MySQL databases. The company just added coverage for PostgreSQL, Drizzle, MongoDB and Cassandra to the list of database servers supported by ezNcrypt.

It makes perfect sense that Gazzang would expand ezNcrypt’s support to these particular open source databases. PostgreSQL, for example, has been around for more than a decade and a half, during which it has won industry awards and proved itself reliable and stable enough for use in the enterprise. The extremely new Drizzle database, meanwhile, shows great promise; it’s a major fork of MySQL designed specifically for the cloud.

MongoDB and Cassandra are both fast, highly available databases designed to scale well for Web 2.0 applications. Both databases are based on the NoSQL paradigm, which has been gaining traction despite its significant challenges. Companies such as Shutterfly, Intuit, Facebook, the BBC, Craigslist, and Digital Reasoning rely on NoSQL databases.

Financial and medical institutions, among others, need to maintain the security of their databases despite a continuing shift to doing more and more business online, and enabling their customers to carry out more different kinds of transactions over the web. Gazzang’s ezNcrypt can help these companies and organizations meet a host of security compliance standards, including PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and others.

Gazzang’s ezNcrypt can also help protect a company against rogue employees, lay to rest concerns about storing data in a shared cloud environment, and protect intellectual property. Best of all, ezNcrypt’s encryption can be implemented without making any modifications to the application or database itself.

“First open source and now cloud computing are driving shifts in the way IT organizations do business,” noted Mike Frank, director of products at Gazzang. “At the end of the day, important data that must be protected is stored in all of these OSS databases, so security is a key concern in defining a successful open source strategy. Whether it’s credit cards or medical records or even something more mundane like customer email lists, data leakage and theft are harmful and costly. We’re proud to continue to add new coverage for the full range of open source databases, providing a critical line of defense from unauthorized breach and exposure with Gazzang’s robust encryption solutions.”

Gazzang’s ezNcrypt comes in three versions: Local, Standard, and Enterprise. Standard and Enterprise versions feature Gazzang’s proprietary Key Storage System (KSS), a back-end platform for enterprise-class encryption key management designed to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

If you’re looking forward to using Gazzang’s ezNcrypt expanded database support, you may need to be patient for a little longer. The company plans to release it over the next two quarters.

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